Intuit CEO Apologizes for Tax Day Problems

Steve Bennett, Intuitis CEO and president, issued a public apology for the technical issues his companyis tax software caused for users attempting to file their U.S. Federal taxes before the April deadline. Mr. Bennett claims the server failure issues that plagued last minute filers have been corrected and improvements are on the way to prevent similar incidents in the future, according to the Wall Street Journal.

"We deeply regret the frustration and anxiety this caused our customers. This is not the experience customers have come to expect from Intuit," he said. "Itis not acceptable to us, and we will do right by our customers who were impacted by this delay."

Intuitis electronic filing server issues prevented about 200,000 users from being able to file their taxes, and the company has offered to pay any penalties caused by the processing delays. The IRS also offered a penalty-free extension until midnight, April 19 to Intuit customers that were impacted by the problem.

Mr. Bennett added "The e-filing system is running properly now, and weill continue to take the necessary steps to ensure it doesnit happen again."