Intuit Targets Fall 2009 For Online Payroll Mac Compatibility

| Product News

Intuit on Monday said that it plans to expand its Online Payroll service to accounting professionals in the spring and Mac users this fall. On the Mac, Intuit Online Payroll will feature Safari support and integration with QuickBooks for Mac.

Mac users will be able to: enter employees' hours and let Online Payroll handle taxes and other deductions, with support for printing paychecks or using Direct Deposit; track federal and state payroll taxes and remind users when they must be paid, with electronic payments available at no extra cost; and print or e-file federal and state payroll tax forms that have been automatically filled out.

Intuit is currently offering Online Payroll free for six months and US$9.95 per month after that for new users.



Once again Intuit drops the ball mightily for Mac users.  I’ve stopped buying anything Intuit as a consequence of their repeated actions of treating Mac users so poorly.


Whatever happened to the latest version of Quicken for the Mac - Quicken 2009. That has slipped so much that it has become classic vaporware. I find it ironic that Quicken was first developed for the Mac but has yet to give Mac users the features tha the Windows version has. My guess is that Intuit will relase a buggy version of Quicken for the Mac in early 2010! And the Online Payroll program won’t come out until the next millenium.

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