iOmounts: Stylish Magnetically Powered iPhone/iPad Stands

LAS VEGAS—We stumbled upon a small company called iOmounts in the Venetian Ballroom at this year’s CES showing some great looking stands and mounts for iPhones, iPads, or any other device with a flat back. The company has harnessed the power of magnets to make a stand that offers convenience, flexibility, and what we found to be stylish design to hold your device.

iOmini for iPhone

The iOmini for iPhones and other smartphones

The company currently has three products, the iOmini for smaller devices, the iOstand for iPads and tablets, and the iOwall for mounting iPhones on the wall. The central premise behind the design is the stainless steel ball and a magnetic piece called the iOcore—in the photos, the iOcore is the red piece.

The iOcore houses a very powerful magnet that sticks to the stainless steel ball. The plastic ring on the outside of the iOcore allows it to travel smoothly around the ball offering almost 360 degrees of movement. The units we were shown on the show floor at CES were so smooth, our initial impression was that it was a ball joint.

iOmini & iOcore

The iOcore offers a powerful magnetic attraction

The last component of the stand is a small steel ring that affixes to the back of your iPhone via an adhesive backing. Once you attack the ring, which can be seen in the image below, your iPhone will stick to the stand securely. Due to trusty ol’ physics, the ring and the iOcore will align themselves perfectly to each other. To then remove your device, just pull it off the stand.

The ring itself is removable from your device, but it may require the use of a hair dryer to warm up the adhesive enough to remove it, and the company said the adhesive won’t leave any residue.

iOmini & iOstand

iOmini & iOstand with an iPad

The iOwall, seen below, is a wall mount for your iPhone. It uses the same iOcore and steel ring to secure and hold the device, but it comes with a mounting screw that you can attach to the wall.



iOstand is priced at US$89; iOmini is $69; and iOwall is $49. The stands are available in black or white. A stainless steel finish is also available for $20 more on the two stands.

While the people behind the company are clearly fans of Apple’s iOS devices, the products will work with any device that has a flat back.