iOS 6: Using Maps' Quick Route Feature

Though mine may be an unpopular opinion, I actually prefer Apple's Maps application to the old Google Maps one. Granted, I haven't had any issues with the app not knowing where I wanted to go, so it's likely I'd be a teensy bit upset if that were true. Anyway, what Apple calls Quick Route is one of my favorite things about the new Maps. It's very simple—if you find a place you want to go, just touch the small green car icon next to the location's name.

That'll automatically route you from your current location to the destination you chose, without having to go through any intermediary steps. And if you've got a device that supports turn-by-turn navigation (an iPhone 4S or 5 or an iPad 2 or later), you can then just click Start to, well, start the navigation.

This'll also work from a dropped pin, so touch and hold briefly on your screen to drop a pin in that location, then tap the same green icon as before to automatically navigate to that spot.

What? I am going to swim there. Yep, that's it.

So does this make you hate Maps just a little less? C'mon, just a tiny bit less? Wow, you guys are seriously angry.