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Though mine may be an unpopular opinion, I actually prefer Apple's Maps application to the old Google Maps one. Granted, I haven't had any issues with the app not knowing where I wanted to go, so it's likely I'd be a teensy bit upset if that were true. Anyway, what Apple calls Quick Route is one of my favorite things about the new Maps. It's very simple—if you find a place you want to go, just touch the small green car icon next to the location's name.

That'll automatically route you from your current location to the destination you chose, without having to go through any intermediary steps. And if you've got a device that supports turn-by-turn navigation (an iPhone 4S or 5 or an iPad 2 or later), you can then just click Start to, well, start the navigation.

This'll also work from a dropped pin, so touch and hold briefly on your screen to drop a pin in that location, then tap the same green icon as before to automatically navigate to that spot.

What? I am going to swim there. Yep, that's it.

So does this make you hate Maps just a little less? C'mon, just a tiny bit less? Wow, you guys are seriously angry. 

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I’ve been very happy with Apple Maps, and have had only a few minor issues with it.  But then again, I also had some issues with Google Maps, and also with my Garmin Nuvi.

I have found that when I run Apple Maps routing in parallel with my Garmin Nuvi, I find that Apple’s initial ETA is more accurate than Garmin’s. The Garmin is always optimistic, and doesn’t seem to account for traffic lights that will change your average speed.

Mister Ed

Even though I have a 3GS, Apple’s Maps has consistently give me more accurate directions (resulting in shorter travel times) than my Garmin nüvi 775T.  (Yes, I’ve tried changing Garmin’s preferences.)

A very impressive App I use a lot is the free Waze GPS app.  It gives turn-by-turn instructions and learns traffic preferences depending on your driving habits and other people’s real-time traffic updates.  It has automatically routed me around traffic snarls — sometimes saving me up to an HOUR in travel time.  Users can update Waze maps within a 1-mile radius of where they’ve driven, and the changes get pushed out to the App usually within a week.

Once I buy a new iPhone 5 (maybe 5S by then…?), I look forward to trying out Apple’s Maps turn-by-turn function.  It should be much more mature and capable by then.


I don’t understand how stand alone GPS manufacturers are staying in business.  They aren’t as powerful, are slower and are less accurate than free apps for people’s smart phones.  True, not everyone has a smartphone, and some people like yo have their phone or tablet free for other crap while navigating but that doesn’t seem to be a big enough market to support companies like Garmin and tom tom


Works fine as a turn by turn GPS in my part of Norway too.  Details on maps, buildings, forest plains etc could be better, though. I’ll start looking for an ipad-holder or a double-din car stereo that will display maps from an external iphone or ipad.


No way, it is still a bad app, very bad, ok, only bad…that is a nice tip though…maybe…


I just returned from a trip to Little Rock Arkansas. I used Apple Maps to tell me how to get from Little Rock to a destination in Forrest City and the app performed quite well, including routing me around a construction zone on I-40. It also did well getting to and from different locations within Little Rock.

Bob Hudson

My wife and I left October 1 for New England from Fort Worth, Texas.  Using Apple’s Maps to route us because my in dash unit and my Garmin application wanted to send us to New jersey/New York in route to New Hampshire.  The Maps application routed us via Niagara, New York (even though I did not realize it at the time).  So, we got to see the Falls which we had not planned on.  But being that close who could refuse a ride on the Maid Of The Mist!.  We had one routing problem that was quickly corrected by bring up the Garmin app.  Apple thought the address was in Vermont rather than New Hampshire.  In a trip of almost 6,000 miles, in state we had never visited, I think the experience was very positive.


”..that doesn’t seem to be a big enough market to support companies like Garmin and tom tom”

Garmin has been making a very nice living from their high-end aviation GPS units for years.  As a pilot, I sense that Garmin is the company of choice in the cockpit.

Martijn van der Spek

If you want google maps back on iOS6, try out the app we launched last week, called ‘Sparkling Maps’. It is basically google maps, but with turn by turn navigation such as described in this article. It also has features like street view, which is not available on Apple maps. And it is far better in finding places, especially outside of the US, where Apple’s TomTom data is limited.

Get it at


“No Results Found” is such a common result for a search in apple maps that all the great features in the world can’t make up for that shortcoming. In addition, constantly toying to wrong locations.

It is not about “hating apple maps.” The issue is google maps is the gold standard for being able to return accurate navigation results. Apple maps in the department that matters most fails miserably. It is understood that perhaps in the US for light users of maps apples application is passable, but out in the rest of reality, apple maps is a fun toy at best.


I remember those times when i was against apple and everything was done when my boyfriend bought himself an iPhone 3 and we were in a foreign city and we didn’t knew how to go from one place to another by foot. That was the moment when he showed me the Map app and i was in love. I now work at Surexdirect car insurance and i must say that i recommend to other people to have an apple navigation system.

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