iOS 7: Limit which Apps Use Cell Data

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It's great that the iPhone 5 gives you anywhere access to the Internet, but unfortunately most people have limited cellular data caps. That means apps that love to hog your data connection can push you dangerously close too, or even over, your monthly limit. Good thing iOS 7 lets you block apps from using your cell data connection. Read on to learn how.

To block specific apps from accessing the Internet through your iPhone's cell data plan, do this:

  • Tap Settings
  • Tap Cellular
  • Scroll down and disable apps that you'd rather not have sucking down data over your cell connection

You can block specific apps from accessing data over your iPhone's cellular connectionYou can block specific apps from accessing data over your iPhone's cellular connection

Limiting which apps can use your cell data plan can help avoid going over your monthly cap, and they can still access data when a WiFi network is available. It's a simple way to avoid surprise overage charges on your cell bill, and it gives you better control over which apps can grab data on the go.

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Mark Anthony

a little help here please, i can’t use my cellular data in my iphone4 because i have no applications shown in ‘use cellular date for:’. Here’s my screenshot.
i can’t access facebook and other social networking sites, i already did the following: uninstall and install the application, remove/insert micro sim, reset network settings, reset all settings and even factory reset and still nothing happened. please help me.

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