iOS 7: New Unified Mailboxes

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We iOS Mail users have had a unified inbox for a good long time now, right? And it's pretty much the best thing since sliced bread. Well, now there's something that's just as awesome, and it's new in iOS 7—unified trash, sent, and drafts mailboxes. So you can see all of your sent messages, for example, in one place, without having to go through all of your accounts to find them. Hooray!

To use this feature, open the Mail app, and then navigate out to your main Mailboxes screen by touching the back button at the upper-left; when you see "All Inboxes," you're in the right place. Then touch the Edit button.

In Edit mode, you'll see all sorts of new mailboxes you can use—one that shows only your unread messages, for example, or one that displays just emails with attachments. What we're gonna turn on, though, are the unified mailboxes I mentioned, which are labeled All Drafts, All Sent, and All Trash.

Toggle the checkbox beside each of those, choose Done, and afterward, you'll be able to see them in your mailboxes list.

You guys seriously have no idea how jazzed I am about this feature. Going to just one mailbox to see the trash for all 47 of my email accounts? My sent messages, all together? I…I think I need to sit down. Someone bring me a fan, some smelling salts, and a mint julep, OK?

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I had no idea that this feature was present. This is a huge convenience factor and time saver, at least for me.

Melissa, you’re amazing. Smelling salts and mint julep - all well-deserved.

Many thanks!

Melissa Holt

Thanks for that, wab! Glad you liked it. grin


iSki iMac

Thank you!

This is a great convenience and timesaver!

iSki iMac

OK - Even better is when ‘all trash’ is combined with ‘unread’. I have quite a few email accounts and this makes everything so much easier and convenient.

Thanks again.

Melissa Holt

You’re welcome, iSki iMac! Happy to help. smile

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