4 New Commands for Siri in iOS 7

iOS 7 is out! We're excited, right? Well, those of us who didn't install the beta two months ago are excited. Anyhow, along with this release, Siri got some fancy new features and improvements. Here are a few of my favorites!

1. Accessing Settings. Tell Siri to turn Wi-Fi off or change your brightness, and it's done. 

Also, say something like "show me my notification settings," and you'll pop right in there to make changes. You can even access the preferences for any apps you've purchased if they have their own section within Settings; just say "show my settings for Pages" (or what have you). 

I think this will be especially useful for less technical people, as it'll be easier to tell them to ask Siri for what they want than to have them look through the Settings app (or even the new Control Center).

2. Searching Twitter. Ask "what's (person/company) saying," and you'll get results from Twitter:

You can also search hashtags ("search Twitter for the hashtag [whatever]"):

3. Stopping navigation. Oh, this is such a big one for me. If you're using voice navigation to route you somewhere, ask Siri to stop the navigation if you suddenly know where you're supposed to go and don't want to waste your battery, for example.

4. Playing iTunes Radio. Of course, you can just say "play iTunes Radio," and Siri'll do it. But you can also designate genres to play, and it'll pick a station for you.

Sweet, you guys. Sweet.

All in all, I'm pretty jazzed about the exciting stuff that iOS 7 has to offer, and I'm especially pleased with Siri's changes. What say you, TMO fans? What new feature has made you happier than any other?