iOS 7: Swipe to Navigate

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In several of iOS 7's built-in apps—such as Notes, Settings, Messages, Safari, the App Store, iTunes, the Music app, and Mail—you can swipe from left to right to go back to the previous screen.

Swipe like this…

…to go back.

Of course, this is most useful in Safari, where swiping left to right will take you back to your previous page, so you don't need to tap to bring up the bottom navigation bar at all.

We still love you, little bar, we just want to avoid having to use you.

Also in Safari, you can swipe right to left to go forward in your browsing history. I think this feature is pretty great, though I have to confess that I was approximately 82 percent frustrated with the new Safari before I knew it existed. Now my frustration level is down to about 21 percent, only due to my silly brain forgetting where things are. Muscle memory is a powerful thing.

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never mind that there are zero clues that swiping will do anything!

I thought “mystery meat navigation” was an Apple UI no-no. Where’s Mr. Tognazzini when you need him?

Melissa Holt

You’re right…I’m always surprised when Apple makes something non-obvious. But I guess I wouldn’t have anything to write about otherwise. grin


Scott B in DC

What I like better is that Melissa listens to Pink Floyd. I thought I was the last of the Pink Floyd listeners! grin

Melissa Holt

Oh, I love me some Floyd, Scott! I’ve seen Roger Waters in concert twice and was blown away both times.


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