iOS 7: What’s That Pale Blue Dot Next to App Names?

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In iOS 7, from time to time, a pale bue dot will appear in front of the app's name. What is that exactly?

For example, if you look closely, you may see something like this on your iPad or iPhone.

Those pale blue dots are not the Earth, as seen from 6 billion kilometers by Voyager 1. Rather, they indicate that the app was recently updated and has not yet been launched since the update.

The pale blue dot will appear either if iOS 7 updated the app with Automatic Updates or if the user updated it manually. (Here's a Quick Tip on how to turn Automatic Updates on and off.)

After you launch that newly updated app, the blue dot will be gone.

The ostensible reason for the the blue dot is to let the user know that an app has been updated. If the user wasn't expecting that or didn't want that, it's a good thing to know before the app is launched.

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But can you *do* anything about it anyway?

Oh, by the way, oddly I have automatic app updates turned on, but they don’t happen.

Surrounded Entertain

Just curious what the OSX_Mavericks App you have shown in your screenshot is?

John Martellaro
Bradley Mecham

A particularly helpful reason for the blue dot:

I updated an app with an in-app purchase.  Well, except that I had already made that purchase on another device, so when I tried to make the purchase again, Apple asked if I wanted to re-install the update for free instead (which I accepted), but then the app said “Purchase failed.”  The functionality remained as before.  :(  But the blue dot appeared. smile Therefore I knew that there HAD been an upgrade, but that when I was opening the app I was opening the old version.  So I forced the app to quit, re-opened it, and viola!  New functionality!  And no more blue dot.  smile

Thanks for the post!

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