iOS 7.1 Quick Tips: a Quick Reference

In this quick reference article, we've collected all the iOS 7.1 Quick Tip and How-to articles we've published. It will be updated as we go along, so be sure to check back from time to time.


1. March 10. "iOS 7.1: Enabling In-app Button Shapes." iOS 7 took away visual cues like borders and shapes to easily identify buttons in apps, but that feature is back with the release of iOS 7.1. Jeff Gamet shows how.

2. March 10. "iOS 7.1: Killing the Cartoon Button Colors." Many Apple customers thought the colors used in apps and icons looked more like they came from cartoons. Apple addressed part of that with iOS 7.1 by making the neon green phone and messages icons less garish, and by giving us a setting to darken up many of the colors in apps, too. Jeff Gamet explains the fix.

3. March 11. "iOS 7.1: Deciphering the New Caps Lock." There's been a lot of confusion about the iOS caps lock, and iOS 7 left us scratching our heads. Jeff Gamet provides handy graphics to help you decipher the meaning of each caps lock mode.

4. March 11. "iOS 7.1: Quick Fix for Slow Keyboard" Some users have been reporting slow keyboard response after upgrading to iOS 7.1. If you're one of them, Bryan Chaffin explains a quick fix — resetting your keyboard dictionary — that should get you back up and running in real time in no time.

5. March 11. "iOS 7.1: Calendar’s New ‘Show Events’ View for iPhone." iOS 7 took away a handy way of seeing the daily events as you step through the monthly calendar. iOS 7.1 brings it back in an even nicer way. John Martellaro explains the magic "Show Events" icon in Calendars.

6. March 12. "OS 7.1: Control Siri Manually." OS 7.1 gives us a new way to tell Siri that we’re finished with a command, which will be incredibly helpful at preventing frustration — especially for those who are new to using the voice assistant. Melissa Holt tells us about this new feature.

7. March 13. "iOS 7.1: Turn Parallax Off But Allow Other Motion." In iOS 7.0, there was an option to reduce overall motion in the interface. That meant killing the zoom animation on app launch and the home and lock screen parallax effect. iOS 7.1 adds a measure of flexibility. John Martellaro explains the new options.


Teaser image via Shutterstock.