iOS 7.1: The Keyboard and Shift Key Apple Should've Given Us

Apple made some great improvements in iOS 7.1. It's faster, more stable, you can add shapes to more easily see buttons, and more. That awesome update didn't, however, hit the mark with its new on-screen keyboard representation for the caps lock key. I have a much better idea for how that could've played out.

The problem is that the symbols Apple chose to differentiate between lower case and uppercase letters -- meaning whether or not the Shift key is active -- don't give any indication as to what you'll actually see when you tap a letter.

The keyboard Apple gave us with iOS 7.1The keyboard Apple gave us with iOS 7.1

Since a picture speaks a thousand words, I mocked up what I think would've been a much better design choice for the onscreen keyboard.

The keyboard Apple could've given usThe keyboard Apple could've given us

You're welcome, Apple.