iOS 7.1: The Keyboard and Shift Key Apple Should’ve Given Us

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Apple made some great improvements in iOS 7.1. It's faster, more stable, you can add shapes to more easily see buttons, and more. That awesome update didn't, however, hit the mark with its new on-screen keyboard representation for the caps lock key. I have a much better idea for how that could've played out.

The problem is that the symbols Apple chose to differentiate between lower case and uppercase letters -- meaning whether or not the Shift key is active -- don't give any indication as to what you'll actually see when you tap a letter.

The keyboard Apple gave us with iOS 7.1The keyboard Apple gave us with iOS 7.1

Since a picture speaks a thousand words, I mocked up what I think would've been a much better design choice for the onscreen keyboard.

The keyboard Apple could've given usThe keyboard Apple could've given us

You're welcome, Apple.

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Derek Bolander

I think the most elegant and intuitive option would be to make the shift key the same color as the letter keys when not engaged.

Arnold Ziffel

Jeff, I really like the green spot idea for indicating when all caps is invoked, but I don’t like having lowercase letters on the keys, even if it seems more logical. This is because I am completely comfortable and used to using keyboards that use all caps all the time. To my eyes, the all caps option looks cleaner and the letters more easily distinguishable.

But, hey, I’m an old fart . . . .


The Keyboard Viewer in OS X shows how the shift problem and key display should be done.


The worst thing is that iOS continues to be a poor operating system. Memory management is a train wreck and yet Ive focuses on the shallow, irrelevant and immaterial graphics with Crayola colors, transparency and a lot of other useless things, some of which actually reduce the usability of the devices.

Tim should replace Ive and the rest of the senior members of the iOS team and get some people in there who know what they are doing to achieve a more functional OS.

Paul Goodwin

davidneale. Where’s the Keyboard Viewer in 10.9? I did a spotlight on it and nothing shows up. I don’t see the Key Character thing any more either.

Paul Goodwin

I’m already used to the shift key. I don’t see an issue with it. It’s grayed out when it’s not engaged like the rest of the special keys.

Kevin Nicholas

I liked the shift key as it was. It will take some getting use to the new design. Having the key gray as it is lower case seems wrong.

My problem with 7.1 though is that person hotspot has stopped working. Now I can’t get my laptop online.


Years ago, I’ve done one for Palm OS wink


Apple keyboard is getting older by the day.

Please Apple, let third party keyboards on the Store!!


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