iOS 8: Family Sharing brings Group Calendars, Content to Families

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Apple is making sharing schedules, apps, music and more, easier through a new iOS 8 feature dubbed iOS 8. The feature was introduced during the company's keynote event at its annual Worldwide Development Conference in San Francisco on Monday.

Apple makes media and schedule sharing easier in iOS 8's Family SharingApple makes media and schedule sharing easier in iOS 8's Family Sharing

Family Sharing lets up to six people share calendars, reminders and photo streams, plus they can all share their music, movie, app and book purchases. When kids make purchases, their parents get an onscreen notification where they can choose whether or not to approve the transaction, so there won't be any surprise credit card charges.

Everyone participating in a Family Sharing group will be linked to a single credit card.

Apple is still showing off iOS 8 features, so be sure to check in with The Mac Observer for more updates.

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Why limit family sharing to 6. I know families with 10 and 12 kids.
We have several in our school with 5 kids.
That seems to be a rather arbitrary number and kind of like the college football playoff. It will expand at some point, but why start with 6?
Seems like a half step that leaves some people out.
Still… my family of 5 are ecstatic!


I guess I’ll be switching my wife’s iCloud/iTunes account to use my credit card, then we can share apps and songs.

The limit of 6 does seem rather arbitrary. My family, growing up, was 5 kids plus 2 parents equals 7 people. But this is per linked group using a single credit card. So if you have a family of 10 kids you could have mom + 5 kids on one credit card and dad + 5 kids on the other.  A bit of a work-around, but doable. Or maybe you only have 5 kids old enough to be given iOS devices but young enough to not be told to use their own money. 

I guess you could also look at demographics. Those families with 10 kids, how common are they? How many of them are rich enough to buy an iPhone for each kid? Probably small enough that Apple won’t be terribly hurt or pressured to change.

Still, Apple has started low and raised limits in the past so I hope they will raise this one soon.

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