iOS 8: Hiding Your Current Email Drafts

In Mail under iOS 8, you can now save your drafts in a different, more convenient way. If you need to look behind your current draft window (to refer to something in your Inbox, say), all you need to do is drag down on the grey menu bar at the top of your draft.

What that’ll do is place the saved message at the bottom of Mail’s interface, where you’ll tap to bring it back up when you’re ready to continue.

Of note also is the fact that you can save multiple drafts this way. If you’ve got more than one down at the bottom of your screen, you’ll see a little “stack” to indicate that.

Touch the frontmost one to open it, and you’ll be able to pick between them all.

Of course, you can also tap the “X” on any of those draft windows to close one you don’t want to keep.

I think this is a pretty huge improvement on the way we accessed drafts before (which does still work), but seeing as how I’m a bit of a fangirl, can you really trust what I have to say about iOS 8’s changes? No, you can’t. In fact, you should all probably stop reading my tips, as I can no longer have any objectivity about Apple’s stuff.

Kidding! I’m kidding! I’ll try to be better! Apple sucks! Jony Ive’s designs are…oh, what’s the use? I love you, Jony.