iOS 9: Turn Off Those Pesky "Frequently Visited" Sites

Have you ever wondered about those weird sites listed as "frequently visited" within Safari on your iOS device? How do you delete them? And even better, how do you prevent the crazy places you've been from showing up there? Here's what to do:

When you tap the URL bar within Safari on iOS, you’ll see a screen similar to this one:

Below your favorites, there’s a list of your frequently visited websites. This is obviously intended as a handy way to get back to places that you haven’t necessarily bookmarked yet, but I think that list could get pretty embarrassing if you often visit some unsavory places. I can see it now: “Hey, Paul! Let me show you pictures of the hotel I booked in Belize!” “Um, why does a site about lancing your boils at home show up under ‘frequently visited’?”

Shudder-worthy, am I right? So first, if you want to remove just one of the sites that Safari has saved in this way, you can press, hold briefly, and release on its icon to make a “Delete” button appear.

But if you want to stop this from happening forever and always, that option is under Settings > Safari. Just toggle off the “Frequently Visited Sites” button, and you’re done.

And then you can feel free to look up whatever unsavory thing you want in peace. Gosh, though, I sure do write a lot of tips about how not to be embarrassed when someone else is looking at your phone! And there’s absolutely no personal reason that’s the case, I assure you.