iOS: Add Calendar Events More Quickly

If you need to add an event to your calendar on your iOS device, you touch the plus button, right? Nope! The only time you've gotta use that button is in List View. Otherwise, you can just tap and hold briefly on the day or time when you'd like the event to occur. Neat, huh?

I find this especially handy in Month View, as it keeps me from having to scroll through the Add Event window to find the proper date. Just tap and hold on the day of your event…

…then all you've gotta do is add the time and title.

Similarly, in Day and Week View, you can tap and hold on a particular time to create a new event. As long as you don't pick your finger up, you can drag your event around to precisely control when its start time is.

As soon as you drop it, you'll be taken to that same Add Event window to change the details. And after you're done entering your event, you can pick it up and drag it to edit its time again, too. You don't need to touch the event, click Edit, and make changes—just drag things around in Day and Week View.

One final note: Some people may not know how to access Calendar's Week View on the iPhone. If you're running iOS 5 or later, you can rotate your device to landscape orientation to get Week View to appear.

And that's all the calendarin' we're gonna do for today, kids. Join us next time, where we'll watch Miss Kitty finally come to her senses and get the heck outta Dodge.