iOS: Enlarging (Some) Tiny Text

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If you have trouble reading the small text on your iOS device, you can enlarge it, at least in some helpful locations. To configure the size, go to Settings> General> Accessibility. What you'll want to change is (unsurprisingly) labeled Large Text.

Once you select that, you'll be given a bunch of different font sizes to choose from, so pick the one that blows your skirt up.

As I noted, this won't change all of the text everywhere, but for example, it will enlarge calendar event details:

Your list of contacts:

And text messages (both the list of them and each individual message):

It'll also affect the text size when you're viewing or composing an email and the size of the font in the Notes app.

I find larger iOS fonts so much easier to read, especially on my iPhone, and yet I must confess that I leave this setting off anyway. It's probably vanity. Don't be like me, kids.


Lee Dronick

The default setting is fine for my eyes, at least for now. 20pts is okay, but anything larger affects the “readability.”

Jim McCahill

This is great, but if you don’t want the large text on ALL the time, but only when you want to compose an email or a text, you can try this app:

It’s called Text Zoom-  Let’s you toggle in and out of that 56 point font.  Zoom in to view it up close, then zoom out to see it in context.

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