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A certain someone mentioned in a previous article that you can turn on a preference in Mac Mail that'll only include the text you select from a message when you're replying to it or forwarding it.

And if you're not using that tip, you should be, because it makes things SO much easier than trying to delete unnecessary text afterward in the message you're composing. But did you know you can do this on your iOS device, too? And you don't even have to adjust any preferences! It's easy. Just like on your Mac, you'll select some text from an email before you hit Reply or Forward. To do that, touch and hold briefly on the message body until a word is highlighted, and then drag the blue "handlebars" around until you've got your selection properly marked.

After that, hit the arrow button to reply to or forward the message…

…and only the previously selected text will be included in your new email.

Coolness! I find this even more useful on my iPhone than on my Mac, because to me, it's much simpler to just pick the darned selection ahead of time rather than editing afterward. No, Aunt Millie, I don't need to forward your unfunny jokes along with the directions to the family reunion this weekend. It just makes us all look bad.

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Lee Dronick

Thank you for another great tip!

Melissa Holt

Thank *you* for reading my tips, Lee! :D


Melissa, is it possible to include images with your tip ? Cause I’ve never figured out how to reply and select an image to be included in the reply.

Melissa Holt

Hey furbies!

As far as I know, you can’t—unless you, say, copy the image link and then paste it into your reply, like this:

If you have something specific to ask, you can always feel free to contact me personally, too. Just click on my name underneath the headline and fill out the comment form. I’m happy to help if I can!



I found out by accident recently, that this works in Thunderbird on a Mac as well.  i selected a sentence in an email I received, clicked reply, and this was the only sentence from the original.  I didn’t changes any preferences; I don’t think there is a preference for this in Tbird.


Very slick, Melissa.

I hadn’t even bothered to think about this for the iOS, but very nice for those occasions when you’re on the move, need to reply, but don’t want a wider audience to read every bit of a thread, such as discussing proprietary issues with a company, but then needing to engage additional colleagues who have not signed an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). To date, I’ve either responded to selective parties or not included the message to a wider group.

Many thanks!

Melissa Holt

Thank *you*, wab95! I’m happy to have helped in some small way. smile

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