iOS: Save Your Hearing with the "Late Night" EQ Option

Within iOS, there’s a setting that’s been around forever (and by “forever,” I mean “since iOS 6,” which may only seem like forever). It’s a special EQ option that will actually compress whatever audio you’re listening to so that the loud stuff will be quieter and the quiet stuff will be louder. With this, you don’t have to turn your volume up so much when you’re on public transportation or in some other noisy place. Obviously, you’re not gonna wanna listen to Pink Floyd or any other dynamic music with this on, but for Netflix shows or iTunes movies, it’s pretty handy!

To check it out, head on over to the Settings app, and then touch “Music.” Under that heading is “EQ,” so pick that.

Within there, you’ll see all sorts of audio adjustments you could try, including settings like “Treble Booster,” “Small Speakers,” or “Rock.” Most of these only apply to music you’re listening to, but the one we’re going to turn on—“Late Night”—works on video output, too.

Once you touch “Late Night” and see the small checkmark appear next to it, you’re done! You can go and pull that episode of “Rick & Morty” back up to see if you can hear and understand it more easily. Just remember to turn the EQ setting to another option when you’re wanting to listen to music. I mean, I’m sure someone could tolerate Pink Floyd all compressed and stuff, but heck, that sounds like blasphemy to me.