iOS 4.3 Beta 2 - New iPad Gestures Only a Preview

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Apple has released iOS 4.3 SDK beta 2 to developers. The Software Development Kit allows developers to develop their iOS apps (or update existing apps) for the next version of iOS, which Apple hasn’t officially announced. The new version includes a couple of minor changes, and it also specifies that the preview of new multigestures for iPad introduced in the first beta won’t be released to customers in iOS 4.3.

From the developer notes passed to us anonymously:

NEW: The minimum system version required for iOS 4.3 development is now Mac OS X v10.6.6.
FIXED: GameKit now reports an error when achievement or a leaderboard score is not actually submitted.
NEW: When in the preview mode of a UIDocumentInteractionController object, the Done button does nothing, leaving the application stranded in preview mode.

In the first beta, which was released just last week, developers were told that the SDK included support for new multigestures for the iPad. these included using four or five fingers to pinch to the home screen, swipe (up) to reveal the multitasking bar, or swipe (left or right) between apps.

A new line describing those gestures in the second beta release specifies, “This feature will not be enabled in iOS 4.3 for customers, but we are providing this preview to gather input on how these gestures work with your apps.”

Developers can find the new SDK at Apple’s Developer Connection. The rest of us can wait for the new iOS to actually be ready for release.

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So the rumours of a Home Buttonless iPad/iPhone are just rumours then ?


I just hope that the new 4.3 can cope with the RAW file problem. Some apps, (including Aperture 2) don’t seem to read certain RAW photo formats when they’ve been imported into the Photo Albums (which still manage to read them).

No matter what iPad will be like, but we can sure that it will be better than the first generation, we have to do is waiting and waiting for its final appearance! get one and an aneesoft iPad video converter.

Lee Dronick

So the rumours of a Home Buttonless iPad/iPhone are just rumours then ?

A device could have both gesture controlled and a physical home button.

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