iOS 5: On Composing E-mails & Moving Addresses

It seems like such a small thing. When you get right down to it, though, so many of the interface decisions that Apple has made are small, but they add up to devices that we love to use, don’t they? This is another one of those “didn’t know I needed it until I had it” things, and it reinforces my idea that the UI designers at Apple may be, in fact, gods. Here’s how you try out this new feature of iOS 5 and bask in its wonderfulness.

So open a new message in Mail on your device, and then type in the addresses of your recipients. Here’s where everything gets all crazy: If you decide that you want to move any of those folks’ addresses to the Cc or Bcc field, all you have to do is first tap once on the line that contains the addresses to select it, and then touch and hold on any address to pick it up and move it to another field.

This is me in the middle of moving one around. Intriguing, no?


Another quick, nifty tip for you all—just because I love each and every one of you—is how to see what e-mail address you’re sending to after you’ve selected it. I’m sure you’re aware that after you’ve finished adding a person’s address to a message, Mail will often show you only the first and last name instead of the actual address.

Well, that’s great and all, but what if you start second-guessing yourself? Did you actually choose your friend’s work e-mail instead of his home one? What if he doesn’t get your message until Monday? WILL HE SEND THE CASH ANYWAY? Well, here’s a simple way to ease your mind. If you double-tap on any of those addresses (after touching the field it’s in to select it, as I mentioned above), you’ll be shown all of the potential addresses for that person. The one you’ve currently chosen is blue, but you can select a different one from the list if you’d like.

This guy only has one address, but if he had more, I’d be able to choose between them.


All without having to retype a thing. So simple. So convenient. Just another one of the reasons why I’m an Apple fangirl, I guess.