iPad’s Business Use ‘Underestimated,’ Says Financial Writer

As debate over the iPad’s potential for success rages across the Internet, few weighing in with opinions have actually had a chance to get their hands on one. However, Jason Schwarz, contributor to the financial site Seeking Alpha and author of the book Alpha Hunter, had an opportunity to try one out and came away convinced that it’s a “must have business device.”

He writes: “The prevailing assumption is that nobody really needs an iPad like they need a laptop or a phone. After all, the iPad is for entertainment purposes only, right? It’s time to correct those assumptions.”

Mr. Schwarz goes on to describe the iPad as “Apple’s upgraded version of a netbook, only it’s better than any netbook ever built.” Why? “It’s the first computer ever designed to be held with one hand,” he explains.

He goes on to describe the potential: “Anyone who previously relied on a notepad or clipboard will adopt the iPad. Doctors will use the iPad as they move from room to room and interact with patients, teachers will use the iPad as they lecture, coaches will use it as an in game video/scouting tool...think of all the real estate agents and other salesmen who operate at point of sale. Anybody who walks around at work will want an iPad to hold directly in their hands.”

Mr. Schwarz believes Apple could sell more than 10 million iPads during its first full year of availability. In the interest of full disclosure, he holds a long position in the company’s stock.