iPhone 5 Still Available for 9/21 Delivery from US Carriers, Not from Apple

Apple's iPhone 5 went on sale at 3am EDT this morning, and within an hour Apple's own online ordering system went from showing a Friday, 9/21 delivery date to "2 weeks."

For those who weren't burning the midnight oil but are up now, though, you're in luck. All 3 US carriers, AT&T, Verizon & Sprint, are still showing 9/21 delivery on their respective websites. 

Hurry, though. We don't expect this to last for long and we'll update this post as changes come in.

UPDATE 11:50am EDT: As indicated in the comments below, Verizon is now showing 9/26 as a delivery date. AT&T and Sprint are still showing 9/21.

UPDATE 2:54pm EDT: AT&T is now showing "14-21 business days" while Sprint seems to be the lone holdout that still shows a 9/21 delivery date.

iPhone 5 Early Delivery Is Sold Out from Apple's Online Store, but check elsewhere...