iPhone 5 Still Available for 9/21 Delivery from US Carriers, Not from Apple

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Apple's iPhone 5 went on sale at 3am EDT this morning, and within an hour Apple's own online ordering system went from showing a Friday, 9/21 delivery date to "2 weeks."

For those who weren't burning the midnight oil but are up now, though, you're in luck. All 3 US carriers, AT&T, Verizon & Sprint, are still showing 9/21 delivery on their respective websites. 

Hurry, though. We don't expect this to last for long and we'll update this post as changes come in.

UPDATE 11:50am EDT: As indicated in the comments below, Verizon is now showing 9/26 as a delivery date. AT&T and Sprint are still showing 9/21.

UPDATE 2:54pm EDT: AT&T is now showing "14-21 business days" while Sprint seems to be the lone holdout that still shows a 9/21 delivery date.

iPhone 5 Early Delivery Is Sold Out from Apple's Online Store, but check elsewhere...

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For Apple, it might make sense for more people to come to the store to order a phone because this way, they may pick up other things in addition to the phone. I wonder if there was a very limited amount of phones available through the Apple online store to drive more traffic to the actual Apple brick and mortar stores.

With the 4S debut, I seem to remember that there was a pretty decent supply in the stores on the first day as well as new shipments coming in almost daily.

Or it could be that there is unprecedented demand for the phone. Its not like that hasn’t happened before grin

Or maybe just a combination of things including a multiple country launch limiting supply in any one place


Verizon now says 9/26 on their site. 11:44am EDT.

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