iPhone 5s: Changing Touch ID Fingerprint Labels

Touch ID on the iPhone 5s makes for an easy screen unlock since you don't have to type a passcode, and you can store fingerprints for up to five fingers so you don't have to always pick up your phone exactly the same way. The default identifier for each print is a generic "Finger 1," or "Finger 2" title, but you can change those to say exactly what you want. Read on to learn how.

Once you add your fingerprints to Touch ID, you can change their labels. Here's how:

  • Tap Settings
  • Tap General
  • Tap Passcode & Fingerprint
  • Enter your iPhone's passcode to authenticate. You have to authenticate with a passcode as a security measure.
  • Tap Fingerprints
  • Tap Edit. It's hiding in the upper right corner of your iPhone 5s screen.
  • Tap and hold on the name of the print entry you want to rename. For example, tap and hold on "Finger 1" to change that entry's name.
  • Tap Done to save the name change

Editing Touch ID labels (left) lets you add custom names (right)Editing Touch ID labels (left) lets you add custom names (right)

This makes it much easier to see which print is associate with each entry, and if you added someone else's print to your iPhone you can see exactly which one is theirs.

Not sure which entry is assigned to your finger? No problem. Apple made it easy to sort that out, too, with a little help from the Home button.

Bonus tip: This is also where you can delete stored prints. You know, in case you misplace a finger or a friend.