iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c Launch Weekend Sales top 9 Million

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Apple's iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c launch weekend sales hit 9 million units, killing concerns that numbers would fall flat. The company's previous opening weekend iPhone sales figures came last year when the iPhone 5 hit 5 million.

Apple's opening weekend sales for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c hit 9 million unitsApple's opening weekend sales for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c hit 9 million units

Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a statement, "The demand for the new iPhones has been incredible, and while we’ve sold out of our initial supply of iPhone 5s, stores continue to receive new iPhone shipments regularly."

News that iPhone 5s sales are outpacing availability didn't come as a surprise. The Apple retail stores The Mac Observer checked on Saturday and Sunday had lines with customers waiting to buy the iPhone 5s while anyone that wanted an iPhone 5c could walk right into the store.

Apple also chose to forego preorder sales for the iPhone 5s which had analysts speculating that the device's new Touch ID fingerprint sensor had proven more difficult to manufacture than expected, limiting the number of phones that could be produced.

The iPhone 5s is Apple's new top of the line smartphone. It includes a 64-bit A7 processor, M7 motion and fitness tracking coprocessor, 8 megapixel camera with improved sensor, a dual LED flash for improved lighting in photos, and more.

The iPhone 5c is the company's brand new addition to the iPhone family. It fits in the midrange and sports essentially the same specifications as the iPhone 5, and replaces the metal and glass back with a scratch resistant back available in white, red, yellow, green, and blue.

Even though Apple isn't breaking out iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c numbers, we can still get an idea as to which is selling better. Thanks to data from Localytics, it looks like the iPhone 5s outsold the iPhone 5c by a factor of 3.4

The firm gathered its data by tracking analytic data from Web and mobile apps across 5,000 thousand of its customers. The firm stated,

For this study, we examined over 20 million unique iPhones and investigated the breakdowns by United States carriers and by global activations. The timeframe for this study is all active iPhones from when the iPhone 5s and 5c were first released on September 20th, 2013 until 8 pm EST, Sunday September 22nd, 2013.

The data also showed that U.S. opening weekend iPhone sales came in at more than double the other countries that had both models based on activations.

Concerns were raised when Apple didn't announce preorder sales figures at the end of last week. With Monday's post-weened sales numbers out, however, analysts will be able to breathe a little easier.

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The anti-Apple crowd says Apple has lost its ability to innovate and that interest in the iPhone is waning. First 64-bit smartphone, fingerprint scanner technology, built-in motion and fitness coprocessor, and record breaking opening weekend sales. It looks like "failure to innovate," and "no interest" don't mean what these people think it means.

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Nice TMO ‘Spin’ Jeff!!  The best that the TMO trolls seem to have is that there was a ‘major’ (right) iOS7 security flaw found within hours of release and that Apple still has to use Samsung for chips.  That’s the best they’ve got?!?!?  Pretty pathetic to even post that garbage!!

INCREDIBLE sales figures.  Apple is nailing it with these phones - no doubt.



Well… probably the TouchID thingy should be sized down in the new ads if this is proven true. wink



Not bad, for a dead company that lost it’s cool before it died and then marketed an overpriced cheap phone that nobody will be able to afford.


BTW, I heard an amusing interview on Bloomberg this morning in which an analyst (I didn’t get her name) was asked, given that Apple sold as many phones in one weekend as Samsung did in month with their Galaxy S4, whether or not it even makes sense to continue mentioning these two companies in the same breath. The analyst responded by saying that, given that they are the only two companies making any money on smartphones, the comparison is somehow useful. I disagree, and view the comparison as a false dichotomy, in that these two companies, their products, services and business models are nothing alike.

Then again, no one pays me to analyse the tech industry.


Andhaka, given what it takes to bypass it, it would be simpler for the thief to hold a gun to the person’s head and make them unlock the phone themselves.


@RonMacGuy: Problem is that security does not solely concern the event of my iPhone being stolen. It can be taken when I’m at work if I got distracted or used against me by people I know.

And If the idea of payment with print recognition will become widespread, ways to counterfeit my identity could exploited by the use od a technology again and again pointed out as “not the best solution in security”.

It has already been said that even in the event of my password being compromised i can change it with little difficulty, but if my fingerprints are stolen (easier than it sounds) what can I do? grow a new finger? wink

Sure, I can go back to use passwords and pin codes, but than again, I’m already doing it now, so what use do I have for TouchID? wink



Andhaka, all very good points.  I suspect once they go payment via print recognition they may potentially integrate a two-fold process to do so - print plus code.  Not great from an ease of use perspective, but more secure that way.  I am also wondering if Apple has not implemented the full print recognition in this initial phase.  There was talk of scanning the ‘living layer’ and maybe with iPhone 6 with maybe a processor speed increase they can better utilize the full scanning capability of Touch ID.  Either living layer verification or even higher resolution capability.  Or, even better, print plus retina scan!!  But no security is totally foolproof, and I don’t think Apple implied that it was.  Maybe a CEO or a billionaire may have concern about someone going through all the CCC steps to replicate a print, but I don’t think the average person has much to worry about CCC’s bypass.


Another flop by Apple. wink

Just in case ya missed it; that was sarcasm.


News flash: Apple just adjusted their earnings and margin forecast upward. The stock is climbing strongly.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Looks like this story needs an update. According to Gene Munster, GENE F-ING MUNSTER, the number is more like 5.5M units in consumer hands with 3.5M sales into channel.



Thanks for the link, Brad.

As Nathan Ingraham himself concludes his article however,

While there’s some logic to these analyst predictions, it’s also worth noting that these are just estimates — only Apple really knows exactly how many units it sold last weekend. In fact, Munster’s original launch weekend estimations came in at 5 to 6 million —  his “sell through” explanation might be a convenient way for him to make his original estimate look more accurate.

In my opinion, the issue is not whether it’s 5M or 10M, but that Apple’s product release was a success, witnessed by brisk, industry-beating uptake, which either of these figures indicate. As for the exact numbers, unlike many other companies that obfuscate their figures, we’ll know with the next earnings report.



Munster is just trying to cover his arse with number fudging. There is no selling into channel. I was in an AT&T store this afternoon. There is not a 5s of any color in any of their stores in all of greater Orlando. Nada! Zip! No channel inventory and my wife is now on a 3 to 4 week wait for her new 32GB gold 5s that we paid for today. Munster should try to buy one of these 5s iPhones and put it on eBay if he really believes they are sitting in the channel inventory. These iPhones are sold and waiting to be built and delivered.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Well skipaq, Munster was talking about 5c’s in channel, not 5s’s. Also, the 5s appears to be the model that has taken off here, with the 5c filling channel in China.

I just think y’all ought to be honest and consistent. This is the very first time anyone here dismissed a Munster prediction grin.


Let’s be honest and consistent:

1. Where is Munster’s proof of 3.5 million 5c iPhones sitting in inventory? Stating a theory doesn’t make it factual.
2. Look at Apple’s press release. They stated that sales of some 9 million is a record compared to past releases. That is either factual or investors will hold them to account for misleading them.
3. In all past iPhone releases I cannot recall Munster or any other analyst make the type of statement he now has. He along with everyone else would talk about Apple’s number as sales to customers; while pointing to others as reporting channel sales. Why the change and where is the evidence? Honesty and consistency demands these numbers be compared to previous product releases. Analyze that any way you want; but 9 million is startling compared to 5 million.
4. Do you forget that Apple also announced that revenues and margins are expected to come at or higher than the top of their forecast for the quarter? That hardly syncs with Munster’s theory. I wouldn’t count on 3.5 million 5c’s sitting in the back of stores keeping company with all those Sammie’s.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Cool to see I’ll never have to question another one of Munster’s premises again. skipaq’s got y’all covered! Really, the only thing interesting about this story is how easily you guys will turn on your historically best stock-pumping ally.


Brad, you label me with a broad brush of being uncritical. I would suggest you do some reading and there is a good article over at AppleInsider on just this subject if you are interested. In this case I believe those relying on Munster for investment have every right to be upset; but not with dubious accounting from Apple.


skipaq, Bosco is just bitter that people aren’t running screaming from the walled garden like he predicted.  Just let him vent a bit!!


BTW, I LOVED your comment, “I wouldn’t count on 3.5 million 5c’s sitting in the back of stores keeping company with all those Sammie’s.”

Oh, but just wait until that gold plastic S4 comes out!!  Hmm, brown glass or pink glass with my Samcrap gold plastic back - how to choose, how to choose…

I wonder if they will have to take a Microsoft-like write-off on unsold non-gold S4s sitting in stores!!  Wait, maybe they will just spray-paint the backs on them!!  YES, that’s the ticket!!  LMAO.

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