iPhone 4 Breaks Verizon Sales Records in 2 Hours

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Verizon began accepting pre-orders for Apple’s iPhone 4 at 3AM on Thursday, and by 5AM had already broken all of its first full day sales records for a single device. The company processed so many orders that it, along with Apple, stopped accepting new pre-orders before the end of the day.

“In just our first two hours, we had already sold more phones than any first day launch in our history,” said Verizon Wireless president and chief Dan Mead. “And, when you consider these initial orders were placed between the hours of 3 a.m. and 5 a.m., it is an incredible success story.”

Verizon’s pre-order program was open only for its existing customers, which limited the potential number of people eligible to participate. A new round of pre-orders that’s open to the general public will kick off on February 9, just a day before Verizon’s iPhone 4 launch.

Customers that want to pick up the Verizon iPhone in person will be able to stand in line at the company’s retail locations or Apple Store locations, and they will also be available at Best Buy and Wal-Mart locations.

Mr. Mead added, “Yesterday’s launch set the pace for next week when we open up sales to everyone across America.”

The company didn’t say exactly how many iPhone 4 orders is processed on Thursday.

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“More phones than any first day in launch history” is sort of concrete, but does it tell us anything about the actual number? Is there a table of “phones sold on first launch day” stats we can refer to? Pretty impressive anyhow.


If they think that this was something; just wait until the iPhone5 is released. They will be in on a newer device at its’ launch. Not to mention the iPad2. They haven’t seen anything yet.


Whats the rush? In 4 months the IPhone 5 will come out, then all the sorry Verizon IPhone customers whos locked into a 2 year agreement will wake up. Edan Aharony


Clearly this is an indication that Android is poised to steamroll iOS.


How do you steamroll what is behind you?


No one can argue that IoS CURRENTLY is more popular, but it’s a gimp piece of crap unless they go google’s route of customization and no limits (IE flash content).

I mean, I picked up my cousin’s ipad and was going to stumble some stuff and was like wait, I can’t even fkin watch 90% of these videos because they’re not netflix/youtube.

This sh*t is useless.


Hey stupid, he said iOS, that includes all iOS devices, you really think android has more total devices than iOS?

Stupid people


Do you really think people locked into a two-year agreement will suddenly realize that their phones are of low-quality when the iPhone 5 comes out (probably this summer)? Most likely not. They’ll continue to enjoy using a smartphone that is undeniably of good quality.

@waynester, @Metalheadzaid:
Google’s market strategy is markedly different than Apples, in ways that have been around since Apple began competing with software and hardware developers: Apple creates only a few hardware devices to house its proprietary software, unlike other major distributors. Without arguing the benefits of this, to say that Google is ahead of Apple in the smartphone category merely because they can spin out a higher quantity of phones due to their diversity is ignoring the point that Apple’s proprietary business model has been MASSIVELY successful. And the addition of Verizon’s customers will only powerfully accelerate that. Watch for a jump in the iPhone’s smartphone marketshare.

And also, as for Flash, html5 will soon make Flash a thing of the past. And about time, I’d say.


@wayn ester,

as i recall a steamroller is like a palindrome baby, lol


@ Metalheadzaid

smut mining again?



Well, how cool that iPhone for Verizon preorders sold out in two hours, and such early hours at that!  It’s great to have an option for another carrier, as my iPhone on ATT drops a lot of calls and maybe now the service will improve on ATT or maybe I’ll consider going over to Verizon. 

On another note…I have an iPad and am not encountering many problems with watching video because of Flash restrictions.  Every now and then, sure, but it seems like HTML 5 is steadily gaining ground and may soon be the most common markup language used on the net.  Hope so.


Whats the rush? In 4 months the IPhone 5 will come out, then all the sorry Verizon IPhone customers whos locked into a 2 year agreement will wake up. Edan Aharony

Sorry?  I don’t think so.  Sure, the iPhone 5 will have great new features, but Verizon folks who get their iPhone 4 this month will, in four months time, have pretty much assimilated it into their lifestyle and will be enjoying it immensely.


This augurs dark days for Google, RIM, and AT&T, though I have some sympathy for AT&T, because it got hit with phenomena, the iPhone, that was unprecedented in the demands that it placed on a network.  One firm says that 54% of Android and Blackberry users on Verizon are likely to switch to the iPhone, and 29% of AT&T’s customers are likely to switch to the iPhone on Verizon’s network.  See http://macdailynews.com/index.php/weblog/comments/28524/.  While I take such survey data from firms that I don’t know with more than a grain of salt, Verizon and Apple selling out of iPhones for Verizon exiting customers in just two hours, between 3:00 hrs. and 5:00 hrs., suggest that Google, RIM, and AT&T may be facing a cataclysmic shock.

Lee Dronick

I can?t even fkin watch 90% of these videos

Eventually Justin Beiber videos will be HTML5


Sir Harry:  Those videos will not only be HTML5, they will be and are becoming HTML5 videos soon, very soon.


@ Sir Harry: LMFAO. Very nice, sir. *tips hat*

iPad2 won’t sell very many devices through carriers. It will sell mostly through retail channels (brick and mortar and online). It’s a different beast than the iPhone.

What will happen when iPhone 5 comes out is that all of the new non-hardware-dependent features that roll out with it will suddenly be available to everyone with an iPhone 4. Those people will talk that up to all their friends using 5 month old Android phones that have never seen an OS update to their devices (and won’t ever see one). Those folks are the ones who will be “sorry customers” who locked into a two year agreement for a phone that will never be upgraded.


This idea of being locked in to a two year contract is not proving to be a deterrent to upgrading. Many people sell their under contract iPhones to upgrade to the new one. Carriers are now competing in the US which means they will likely offer incentives for people to switch or to stay (early subsidies are often offered.) Many have bought themselves an iPhone and then handed it to a family member in order to upgrade. And many potential iPhone buyers will hold off until the new one is released. Verizon is going to see far greater numbers this summer.

And the iPad is very much a boost to carriers who sell data plans for them.

Vern Seward

People buying Verizon iPhone 4s today will have 2 years of enjoying what us iPhone 4 AT&T users already enjoy, except they won’t have dropped calls (we hope. no telling what will happen when a gazillion new iPhone users begin stress testing Verizons networks). iPhone 5 will have hardware tweaks, but it will be more of what the iPhone 4 has, likely not anything new added. And iPhone 4 will run the latest iOS versions at least for the next 2 years, and that’s where most of the magic happens.

So, buying an iPhone 4 now is not a bad thing. The only real downside I can think of is that when the iPhone 5 comes out, prices for 4s will drop dramatically. $99 iPhone 4 anyone?



Whats the rush? In 4 months the IPhone 5 will come out, then all the sorry Verizon IPhone customers whos locked into a 2 year agreement will wake up. Edan Aharony

This is not necessarily true.  If the Iphone 5 for Verizon comes out in 4-5 months.  I can sell my 4 month old iphone4 for $350-$375 add another $200 that everyone will have to pay to upgrade to the iphone 5 and I will have about $575 to go toward a new iphone 5.  The cost for a new iphone 5 without contract should be about $650 at most.  So when it is all said and done I will have to come up with an extra $75 more then everyone else who are eligible for the upgrade.  Not too bad if I “must have the Iphone 5” come June-July.

Other thing to consider is I will have the option to stick with my Iphone 4 and its unlimited data plan.  Where as those who wait until June for the Iphone 5 with almost certainty will not be offered unlimited data plan.  Besides I didn’t hear many 3GS iphone users crying that they have to wait another year before getting the Iphone 4. 

By the way I buy used Iphones for a living.  I spend about $5000 buying about 25-30 used iphone from people each week.  So when I say that in June I can sell my used iphone 4 for about $375 cash it is true.  The company I work for currently pays $380 for 16gb and $410 for 32gb used iphone 4’s.



Chris, when anyone responds to a troll, it is exactly what he wants. This only encourages trolls. It’s best to ignore the intellectually challenged. I know it’s hard to do, but rest assured, it pains them not to get a rise out of someone.



Those people will talk that up to all their friends using 5 month old Android phones that have never seen an OS update to their devices (and won?t ever see one).

jfbiii, do you take some special supplement that encourages “thinking outside the box”? If so, please share your secrete. We could all use a dose.


Welcome to the MO forums, Draven. Breathtaking first post.


Welcome to the MO forums, Draven



I’m waiting a while to dump AT&T…  I need to be sure that Verizon doesn’t end up with the same issues AT&T has with the iPhone.  Not sure they won’t suffer from too many iphones on their network as AT&T has.

I also believe some of the issues are iPhone related…  For example, at Eagles Games here in Phila I have zero chance of getting a call, text or data in or out on my iPhone….  The guy next to me is also on AT&T with a Blackberry, and gets out on a regular basis…  Tells me it’s not al AT&T’s issue.


What? No Bosco commentary?

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