iPhone 4G to Get Touch Sensitive Case

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Even as Apple tablet rumors continue to race across the Internet at a fevered pitch, new iPhone rumors are picking up steam, and the latest claims Apple's next combination iPod and smartphone will include a touch-sensitive case, according to Bloomberg.

News of a Magic Mouse-like touch-sensitive case for the fourth generation iPhone came through an anonymous source speaking to analyst Robert Chen of Goldman Sachs. Apple's Magic Mouse includes a multi-touch surface that supports taps and gestures for navigation and selection instead of traditional buttons.

Should Apple actually include touch support in the case, the entire outer surface of the next generation iPhone could essentially be a navigation system.

Mr. Chen added that the new iPhone would also include a 5-megapixel camera, and would ship in June or July, which is in line with the delivery windows for previous iPhone models.

He also expects Apple will include a major OS upgrade with the new iPhone. "Apple's going to put a lot of innovation, not just on the hardware, but also on the software of the new iPhone," Mr. Chen said.

Apple isn't offering any confirmation for Mr. Chen's report, so for now his comments will have to remain in the rumor camp.


Lee Dronick

Another Bigfoot sighting. smile

Maybe, but not the “entire case” unless sections of it could be turned off by the user.  We all hold our phones differently with skin contact on different places. Hands come a number of sizes, fingers may be longer, shorter, or missing.

Anyway, our local TV news pretty much reported this new phone as fact.


If the case was touch sensitive, it would put a cramp in the case makers. Hard to make something that covers up sensors. If just the buttons became touch sensitive, that would make more sense, and certainty not make for a news worthy change.

Jeff Gamet

I’m not seeing how a touch sensitive case would be effective or practical. Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time Apple released something that made sense after I got my hands on it.

Also, dstrickler is right: This would be a big problem for iPhone case makers.


Makers of cases actually cause Apple to lose money.  Every protected iPhone is one less potentially broken iPhone that must be replaced, so it is in Apple’s best interest to keep cases off the phones.  What better way to do that than to make the phone require to be touched in places a case would normally go.  Apple makes money from the sale of cases in their stores, so the potential profit from replacement phones from making an iPhone not capable of having a case would have to exceed that of selling the cases retail.  Anybody care to share any actuary data on that?


akers of cases actually cause Apple to lose money.  Every protected iPhone is one less potentially broken iPhone that must be replaced

That’s just dumb.  Apple loses money when people don’t break their MacBooks every month too.  But Apple gains more customers by providing products that last longer so customers want them.  If I can’t put a case on a new iPhone, I’d get the 3GS model instead. (I have the 3G now, and am waiting until June for my next upgrade.)

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