iPhone Dev-Team Jailbreaks iOS 6 Beta

iOS 6 jailbreak available to developersiOS 6 was officially introduced on Monday at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference and is only available to developers as a private beta, but the iPhone Dev-Team has already managed to jailbreak the OS.

The jailbreak requires tethering, which means users will need to connect their iPhone to their computer when rebooting the device. The special version of the redSn0w jailbreak requires a fourth generation iPod touch, an iPhone 3GS, or a GSM or CDMA-based iPhone 4.

Jailbreaking is a process where iOS devices are hacked to allow third-party apps that Apple hasn’t approved for distribution through the App Store to be installed.

The iPhone Dev-Team warns that unlocked iPhones aren’t compatible with the hack, and they stress that it’s intended just for developers that write apps for jailbroken iOS devices.

The jailbreak for iOS beta clearly isn’t intended for the general public, but it does show that Apple hasn’t managed to plug all the parts developers can use to jailbreak iPhones and iPads.

[Thanks to iFans for the heads up.]