iPhone Earrings: Home Buttons for Your Ears

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Converting Apple computer parts into jewelry isn't a new idea, but extending that to include iPhone parts may be, and that's just what Powerbook Medic has done with it's new iPhone Home button earrings.

iPhone Home button earrings

The earrings are made from actual Home buttons recycled from dead or damaged iPhones. Powerbook Medic says they aren't shipping until November 23 because of high demand, but that still leaves time to get a set in time for your office holiday party.

A set of iPhone Home button earrings costs US$14.95 and are available at the Powerbook Medic Web site.

[Thanks to iPhoneIndia for the heads up.]




Here’s a gift that will really turn her on!

Lee Dronick

I think a better idea would be turn them into those plug things that body pierced people are now sporting. I have seen a few goth types working at Apple Retail Stores.

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