iPhone Fails to Make a Top 20 List For a Good Reason

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CNET this week released a list of 20 mobile phones with the highest radiation levels, and Apple’s iPhone was not among them. Topping the list was Motorola’s V195 flip phone, which emits 1.6 SAR (Specific Absorption Rate), followed by the company’s Zine ZN5, at 1.59 SAR.

At the other end, there was a four-way tie between T-Mobile’s Dash 3G, Palm’s Pixi Plus, Nokia’s 2320 GoPhone, and LG’s Chocolate Touch, all at 1.47 SAR. Prominent phones that made the list included: the Motorola Droid in sixth place (in order from safest to least safe) at 1.49 SAR, the BlackBerry Bold eighth at 1.51, and three BlackBerry Curve models 13th,14th, and 15th at 1.54.

Elsewhere on its web site, CNET lists the iPhone’s SAR ratings, which are: 0.974 for the original iPhone, 1.38 for the 3G model, and 0.79 for the 3G S version.

SAR is measured in watts per kilogram and must be under 1.6 in the United States and Canada and less than 2 in Europe. CNET explained: “The SAR level listed in our charts represents the highest SAR level measured with the phone next to the ear as tested by the FCC. It’s possible for the SAR level to vary between different transmission bands (the same phone can use multiple bands during a call), and different testing bodies can obtain different results.” CNET also noted that the effects of cell phone radiation on the user’s health is unknown, with much contradictory research to be found.



radioactive man

I had the Motorola V195 for a couple of years.  Surprised I’m not a mutant yet.


i spend more time texting and sending emails rather than talking on the my iPhone, so I couldn’t care less what the SAR level of the iPhone s.


My girl friend is an OR nurse. She claims few of the brain surgeons talk on cell phones next to their ear. Further, they try not to carry them in their pants pockets. Apparently, a lot of cell phone users get tumors behind the ear and in the private parts.

I personally get headaches quickly when I talk with most cell phones up to the ear. The iPhone is not as bad as my previous Nokia phone was so I am sure radiation has some appreciable effect on the body.


Your head is not the only place where cancer can be an issue. For example, people can get tumors in their hands, chest, or in sensitive parts of the body like their testicles [e.g. from possible keeping your cell phone in your pants pocket or in your shirt pocket]. The phone emits radiation whether you are talking or not because it has to maintain a signal with a tower at all times so it can intercept incoming calls.

i spend more time texting and sending emails rather than talking on the my iPhone, so I couldn?t care less what the SAR level of the iPhone s.


@Terrin - surgeons don’t know any more about radiation than engineers about surgery.  There have been several studies that show using a wired earpiece and microphone in many cases increases radiation dose to the brain due to an antenna effect and improved coupling of the signal.



@russell - This is the internet, how about some links to those “several studies”.

It’s not rocket surgery smile

The health hazards of moble phones


Mobile phones and malignant melanoma of the eye

I didn’t find any links that we not trying to see something when it came the the wired earpiece radiation. I didn’t look too hard though, can you help?


Separate from all the health issues: I just enjoyed the headline. Clever twist.

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