iPhone Game Based on Horror Movie Pandorum Released

Artificial Life and Starz Media on Tuesday announced that Pandorum, an iPhone game based on the upcoming horror movie of the same name, is now available at the App Store. The 3D first-person role-playing game follows the film's storyline, in which the main character wakes up in a sleep pod on a starship and must figure out what happened to the crew and why he has no memory of whatever transpired.

Players learn the answers to those questions during the course of five missions in which stealth and weapon-handling are both key to survival. Not only do enemies lurk around every corner, but players must also fight off Pandorum, a medical condition that leads to hallucinations and insanity. Players can share their progress with friends via Bluetooth, post scores to their Facebook pages, and purchase an in-game upgrade pack with weapon upgrades, unlimited ammo, and more. Players in the US can even buy movie tickets from within the game.

A few weeks after the movie's release on Sept. 25, players will be able to buy an expansion pack that will include an additional game mode and a sixth mission that reveals the film's ending, as well as its major surprises. Pricing for the expansion pack was not announced. Pandorum sells for US$3.99 and requires iPhone OS 3.0.