iPhone Goes Pre-paid with Cricket

The pre-paid cell service company Cricket Wireless will start selling Apple’s iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S on June 22, marking the first time Apple has struck a deal with a pre-paid carrier in the U.S.

Cricket’s pricing will be an enticing draw at US$55 a month without any contracts. That deal gets subscribers unlimited talk time, unlimited texts and somewhat unlimited data since the carrier throttles wireless speeds after 2.3GB a month.

Cricket is the first U.S. pre-paid iPhone carrierCricket to be the first U.S. pre-paid iPhone carrier

iPhones sold by Cricket Wireless aren’t available at the subsidized prices AT&T, Verizon and Sprint offer, although they are cheaper than full-price at $499.99 for the 16GB iPhone 4S and $399.99 for the 8GB iPhone 4. Apple’s unsubsidized price for the same iPhone 4S is $649, and $549 for the iPhone 4.

Since Cricket Wireless is selling unlocked iPhones, the carrier could rack up some sales to customers that simply want the phone and aren’t interested in the company’s cell service.