iPhone Maintains Number Two Spot in US Smartphone Market

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Apple’s iPhone maintained its number two position in the US smartphone market during the three-month period ending January 31, 2010, according to market research firm comScore. Apple had a 25.1 percent share of subscribers, while RIM had 43 percent. Apple was up 0.3 points from the previous quarter, while RIM was up 1.7 points.

Microsoft came in third with 15.7 percent, Google fourth at 7.1 percent, and Palm fifth at 5.7 percent.  Looking at all mobile subscribers, Motorola was number one at 22.9 percent, followed closely by LG and Samsung at 21.7 and 21.1 percent, respectively, and Nokia and RIM in distant fourth and fifth places.

comScore also looked at overall mobile usage and found that text messaging was still the dominant activity, at 63.5 percent, while web browsing was second at 28.6 percent, gameplaying third at 21.7 percent, and downloaded app usage fourth at 19.8 percent. None of the activities saw a major change from the previous three months except access to social networking sites or blogs, which leaped from 13.8 percent last time to 17.1 percent this time.


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The headline should read Apple Maintains Number Two Spot in US Smartphone Market.

The research report is comparing the various mobile company’s smartphone market share, not individual smartphone’s market shares. If that was the case, iPhone may even have the largest smartphone market share in the US.

Constable Odo

Fortunately for Apple, the iPhone’s mindshare is greater than it’s market share.  The iPhone is still the smartphone to beat and should continue to stay that way for some time to come.  The iPhone’s ecosystem will keep pushing sales steadily upward.  It’s already apparent that Apple can make proportionally higher revenue than other companies without commanding major market share.  I think it will be difficult for Apple to gain the number one spot in sales in the U.S. due to being available on only one carrier.  If Apple finds that an advantage as far as revenue is concerned, then so be it.

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