iPhone OS 3.0: A Story of Patience

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I think I'm a patient guy.

When Apple introduced the first iPod I waited a solid two years before buying my first.

When the first iPhone came out I was not in line, I waited until the 3G was available, then (after a disappointing wait in line) I waited a few more weeks before finally purchasing one.

Today, however, I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve up to his eyeballs in a flood of anticipation for what Santa will bring, except in this case it's early Summer, I'm a hell of a lot older, and "Santa" hails from Cupertino, California, not the North Pole.

I'm waiting, of course, for iPhone OS 3.0.

Like the millions of other iPhone owners, I can barely contain my excitement in getting this update.

At long last my iPhone would be the device I always believed it could have been, and should have been from the beginning despite its implied coolness and the feeling of smug superiority I felt over other smartphone owners.

(Ok, I never felt smug or superior, but I've so enjoyed the look of envy and amazement on the faces of other smartphone users whenever I whipped out my iPhone and played 'Mary Had a Little Lamb' on Ocarina.)

Soon I would have Notes syncing, landscape texting, and stereo Bluetooth headset compatibility. I could finally look my Windows Mobile using friends in the eye and proudly proclaim, "Yes, my iPhone does, indeed, Cut-n-Paste!!"

I wanted to be one of the first to get this update so I had set my internal alarm ( which is uncannily accurate) and my iPhone alarm ( just in case I hit my internal snooze button) to wake me at midnight and I took a bit of a nap.

At two minutes before midnight I woke (didn't need the iPhone alarm after all), sat down in front of my iMac and went to Apple iPhone site in search of the update.

It wasn't there.

The iPhone site kept telling me the update would be available on June 17 no matter how many times I refreshed the screen.

Still no update!!!

I glanced at the upper right corner of my screen and, sure enough, the time was 12:04 AM and the date is 6/17.

What gives Apple?

Apparently not iPhone OS 3.0.

After maybe 100 more screen refreshes I started to get a bit miffed, thinking that the elves at 1 Infinite Loop had fallen asleep on the job or had become masochists and intended to force me and the rest of the world to wait until 11:59 PM on 6/17 to start updating.

I was about to shake my fist and hurl a string of expletives westward when I realized that I live in Florida, in the Eastern Standard Time Zone. Cupertino is on Pacific Time, a full three hours behind me. I would have to try this again at 3AM.

Sheepishly, I stowed the fist and expletives.

Patience, that's the ticket. I'll watch a few episodes of Burn Notice on Hulu (mushy, mushy).


Update (3:10 AM): still no iPone OS 3.0. getting sleepy. must slep.

Update No. 2 (6:15 AM): Patience? Screw patience! DAMN YOU APPLE! Where the update?? Why are you doing this to me???


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Stephen Naicken

Around 12PM-1PM Eastern allegedly. Hang on in there.


Lol.. Same here pal.. Same here..


The OS will arrive sometime today. My guess is 3PM eastern time.


8:45 AM east coast time.  Where is the update.  It’s June 17 in Cupertino!

Kyle Perry

Guys, Engadget.com is reporting that the update is coming June 17th, at 12:00 P.M.  EASTERN TIME.  3:00 P.M. Pacific.  Looks like some countries won’t be getting it till June 18th.  Everyone will be getting it at the same time though.  Check out the engadget article.  Do you think it’ll be here noon eastern time??  Comments?

Lee Dronick

Suppose that they released this at Midnight and some people had problems that required them to call tech support. Probably best to have them call during business hours when there is more staff to help with the calls.

Otherwise the the blogosphere would be headlining stories that there is so many problems with OS3 that Apple tech support is overwhelmed. Never the mind that there only 6 people calling the one person the graveyard shift at tech support.


Damn…how is 12PM June 17th? its the 17th at 12AM isnt it…gah. I woke up with such excitement….i was like: Today the iPhone features will be up to par with every other phone in the market…and even more. Bah.


It’s after 6:00 am in Cupertino, which means it is already June 18 in New Zealand. Apple has missed its release date.


No update here either. What gives all this hype and it has not landed!!!!!!!

Alex Young


go to:
then scroll down to bottom, it says its availiable but isnt downloading!


They haven’t missed it in NZ - if you go to the apple website for NZ it says available now…

guess it’s making it’s way across the world… no joy here in UK local time 2.15pm


The update lands at 6pm GMT for people in the UK.  So Apple will most likely release it to US customers at the same time, which means 1pm EST.

That means I’ll still be stuck at work, Apple!!!!!


The press notice said it would come out at 10 am Pacific Time.


You losers need to all get a life. It’s just a phone.




spoken like a JR without an iphone….bahahaha


im just wondering how apple thought it’d be a good idea not to let us in on their schedule? if they were planning a rolling release throughout the world they could’ve just let us know so we wouldnt be doing crazy things like staying up all night or missing work/school or whatever… freakin apple. not EVERYTHING has to be a secret guys, seriously.

Chris Wigley

If you had just done this, you could have had it over a week ago:

any browser > scrape torrent
type “iPhone 3.0”
download torrent > open w/ torrent app
download file
open iTunes > press Shift + click restore button

There is usually a benign way to circumvent the process.


you losers need to get laid….


You people are just silly.  They said it would be released on 6/17.  They did not specify the time.  This is the same as it has been for just about every iPhone release since 1.1.

When the Californians wake up, get their Starbucks on, and make it to the office the “release” button will get clicked.


Believe it or not. In the past 9 months, I lost my iphone(s) twice!!!! I was one of those who waited until apple have their iphone 3G last summer. My first one was stolen while I locked it in my locker at bally total fitness, and of course, ATT did not provide any insurance to cover it. My second one was stolen in my office just two weeks before they introduced the iphone 3GS.
I was very upset so that I bought a blackberry bold 9000 with INSURANCE!! BBerry was a great PDA, but compare to iphone, they are in difference categories. I tried to love it, but not even close. I return it after 10 days and not with my very old 2003 phone. Why? because I am waiting to buy iphone 3Gs. I am so used to it and love it, and just cannot help it. For me, iphone is much more user friendly even though they still have a lot to improve. However, the capabilities of development is the most important and attractive part of iphone, isn’t it?
I understand that many phones today has some better functions than iphone, and many users do not want it just because they do not want to have something “EVERYONE” has. As a matter of fact, I was one of them. Today, after using it, I can only say no matter what, we are either use a real iphone, or a smartphone which is meant to be as good as iphone. It is a “be” and “wanna be” situation, isn’t it.
THe only thing I really don’t like and hate is the fact that ATT still doesn’t provide insurance coverage on iphone. Why it that? Can million users sue them?

Tony C

I did this too, exact same. I just woke up and I’m pissed again. I hate Apple right now but i know by time the day is through, ill love them again!


Australia and New Zealand iPhone web sites now show available June 18th

Lee Dronick

My God! Look at all the trolls. What is this place, the CNET Observer?

Tony C

Hey george, you can get insurance, you have to call them to get it. I learned to get that after my iPhone was stolen out of my hand. It’s $5 a month.  Hope that you call and get this, as well as i will, when the 3g s comes out.

Anonymous Liar

Dude, relax. It’s June 17th for 24 more hours!

If you’re that fraking impatient, download the damn GM torrent

Lee Dronick

If you?re that fraking impatient, download the damn GM torrent

I would recommend waiting for the official Apple release, even if it is two long hours from now. Downloading the OS from a torrent site would be like downloading from a box of chocolate, you never what you are going to get. Not that Apple release versions are perfect, but better that than maybe getting a trojan horse.


im just wondering how apple thought it?d be a good idea not to let us in on their schedule?

They did.  They said it would be released on 6/17.  Your expectation of knowing the pico-second it will be released is ridiculous.


I will wait till the eager download and install; and then read the complaints and angst that surely will follow. I have learned NOT to be on the Bleeding Edge.


Tony C, where can you get insurance for the i-phone at 5$ per month?


iPhone OS 3.0 Release Times: 10am PDT / 1pm EST / 3pm GMT / 9pm IST / 12am AEST / 2am NZT.


Have the software updates ever been available at midnight? I don’t think so.

If memory serves correctly, it is usually about 9am (Eastern time) that the software updates become available.


Download here. 


Click shift (windows) restore in itunes.  Pick file.  Presto!!!

Make sure to backup before you do.

Tony C

Tony C, where can you get insurance for the i-phone at 5$ per month?

i got it through at&t by calling their phone number. Whatever their 800 number is. Basically the customer support sales rep.
Either that or apple has the care plan for 80 bucks but ill go with AT&T’s plan cause it even covers water damage (learned that one too, wasn’t a big issue but my docking connection was a pain in the but and they said it was moisture from my cup holder.


I have done the same thing. I sat here till 3am and now i just keep refreshing my page. Guess what? NOTHING changes.
Who ever said it was at 1pm in my time zone was wrong.
Did anyone get to update yet?

Lee Dronick

I am not longer waiting! Well I am waiting for it download. I will let you know when it is installed.

Tony C

Sir Harry Flashman,
I was about to call you wrong then five minutes later im downloading. What a long day! and now its only getting better! smile


At risk of sounding like a sad hysterical git, it’s 617pm here in London and still no update… what’s the deal here…? I notice too that India has 17 June on the Apple website there, but it is now 1030pm there so they got 90 mins to hit the deadline… it can’t be later than 730pm or it will be officially late…

but then, argh so what? There’s more important things in the world:


Lee Dronick

I was about to call you wrong then five minutes later im downloading. What a long day! and now its only getting better!

I am still waiting for the update to download completely and get installed. I suspect that the servers and all are busy.

Lee Dronick

At risk of sounding like a sad hysterical git, it?s 617pm here in London and still no update? what?s the deal here??

London? Is that in Hazard County? smile

I just got an error message and had to restart the download process.


7 secs. remaining to download…. wheeee!


The OS 3.0 upgrade is showing up for me to purchase in iTunes. I’m using the US iTS.

Tony C

backing up phone!!!!


We can down load in NY & NJ according to the apple website.  There’s a download icon.  I can’t down load from work because I think I am behind a firewall.  I keep getting that the i-phone update server can not be contacted.

Tony C

AND I AM ON THE O.S. 3.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
now im gonna go and check check check it out!!


woohoo dowloading - dunno if my netbarrier was the problem as I just turned it all off and presto! it started… but then the website has also changed too

ta for moral support all

Lee Dronick

Well I got it, took almost 50 minutes.

Now to learn the new features

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