iPhone OS 3.1: Genius Apps

iTunes' Genius feature in iPhone OS 3.1 makes it easier to find music you might not otherwise stumble across, and now that feature is available for iPhone and iPod touch applications, too. You won't however, find Genius app recommendations in iTunes. That's tucked away in your iPhone or iPod touch.

To enable Genius for the App Store, whip out your iPhone or iPod touch and do this:

  • Tap App Store
  • Tap Featured
  • Tap Genius

Genius is hiding in the Featured section in the App Store app

  • Tap Turn on Genius

Genius is disabled by default

  • Enter your iTunes Store account password
  • Agree to the Terms of Service

As always, you have to agree to Apple's Terms and Conditions

The App Store will start building a list of applications you might be interested in based on the Apps you have already downloaded. You can remove applications from the list by swiping them, just like deleting email messages in the Mail app.

The App Store tells you Genius is active (left) and later starts displaying suggestions (right)

The Genius feature is an easy way to find apps you might be interested in, and since it's on your handheld, you can check out different applications on the go. Unfortunately, you can't use the Genius app feature in iTunes. Hopefully Apple will add that feature to our computers soon.