iPhone OS 4.0 Expected to Finally Introduce True Multi-tasking

While today’s iPhone OS allows some form of multi-tasking – limited to only Apple-approved apps running in the background – thus summer’s introduction of version 4.0 of the software is expected to enable “full-on” multi-tasking, according to AppleInsider’s sources. However, those sources asked that specifics be withheld right now, including how Apple will optimize battery life and resource management.

AppleInsider characterized the iPhone OS’ current approach to multi-tasking as a security measure that prevents apps from running in the background without the user’s knowledge, thus keeping malware from infecting the device. Jailbroken iPhones, however, can run multiple apps simultaneously, proving that such functionality is already possible.

The big question, beyond the aforementioned issues, is how Apple will handle multi-tasking within the user interface. AppleInsider had no insight or suggestions in that area.