iPhone OS 4 beta Demo Shows Up on YouTube

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Apple introduced iPhone OS 4.0 on Thursday, complete with a beta version of the operating system for developers, and within hours a video showing off an iPhone 3GS running the beta software made its way to YouTube. The video was posted by Makowe ABC and shows off upcoming features such as multi-tasking and app folder groups.

The narration in the video isn’t English, but notes in English have been added to help make it clear how each feature works.

iPhone OS 4 was previewed at a special media event on April 9 at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino. CEO Steve Jobs said the new OS would be ship in the summer for the iPhone and iPod touch, and in the fall for the iPad.


iPhone development geek

Yeah, that’s what I’ve been waiting for. Though I expected a little bit more from Apple but anyways I’m looking forward to trying it out!;)

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