iPhone to Get 4-inch Screen

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Apple’s fifth generation iPhone will have a 4-inch display instead of the 3.5-inch display used on the iPhone 4. Word of the larger screen comes through unnamed component suppliers claiming Apple is already testing new iPhone model, according to DigiTimes.

Increasing the size of the iPhone’s display would bring the combination iPod and smartphone more in line with competitor’s screen sizes. The Nexus S and Galaxy S from Samsung, for example, both use 4-inch displays.

Rumors say the iPhone screen is growing

According to the DigiTimes sources, Apple wants a larger screen iPhone to better compete in the tablet market since the iPad is available only with a 9.7-inch display.

Increasing the iPhone’s screen size poses a potential problem for developers if they’re expected to code their apps to support a new resolution. Currently, they write their apps to support the 3.5-inch Retina Display found on the iPhone 4 and current iPod touch, and for the 9.7-inch iPad display. Adding yet another display size will likely add more time to the development process and increase app sizes to accomodate the new screen.

Assuming Apple is planning on bumping up the iPhone’s display size, it’s also possible rumors that the company is working on an iPhone mini could come into play. Instead of building a smaller iPhone model with an edge-to-edge display, Apple could be working on a full-size iPhone with an edge-to-edge display that the rumor mill has mistaken for a compact model.

Apple isn’t commenting on the 4-inch iPhone rumors, and DigiTimes doesn’t name any sources that can be verified, so for now this rumor should be taken with a healthy dose of salt.

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Lee Dronick

We are not getting a mini iPhone, we are getting a mini iPad

Did you all read this morning’s Apple press release?


Did you all read this morning?s Apple press release?

Press release?
Do you have a link?

Lee Dronick

Do you have a link?

Sorry, it came across my RSS feed from Apple and I made an assumption. Anyway they announced periodical subscriptions at the App Store. I am sure that the MacObserver will have a story about it.




SI for Android not ipad

made the previous discussion a bit mute rather quickly


There won’t be a new resolution with a bigger screen. Just a slightly reduced dpi retina display. Apple has put an awful lot of time into retina and iPad resolution issues in order to make the development issues as inconsequential as possible. I don’t believe they would toss in another resolution just to bump screen size by 1/2”. That wouldn’t be a good trade off, IMO.


Iphone 5 or 4g whatever it will be called “MAY” have a 3D screen. Apple just invested 27 million in a 3d tech company.

Just read it today in a tech magazine this morning at costco


Wow… 3d would ratchet competition up a notch. Everyone would have to scramble.


If the iPhone does get a larger screen, there are two things I see that will possibly happen:

1. Apple will want to keep it approximately the same form factor as past iPhones, so to accommodate, the screen will push out further to the edge (or even all the way); dimensionally the phone will be slightly shorter and slightly wider.

2. It’s been suggested that Apple would give it a larger screen to push against the “tweener” tablet segment. If that proves to be the case, then there is definitely fuel to the rumor of an iPhone Mini, which of course would be a more compact design.

And why not? Apple has already used a similar strategy with their iPod lineup.

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