iPhone Watch Case Costs $38K, Upgrade Path Available

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On Monday we covered the DBM iPhone case from De Bethune, an alligator case with a high-end watch embedded in the back. Company representatives are at Baselworld — the world’s foremost watch/timepiece trade show — but answered our questions about the case on Tuesday. The case is priced at 35,000 CHF (Swiss Francs), or US$38,000 at today’s exchange rate.

The company also told The Mac Observer that customers will have an opportunity to adapt the case to the next generation of iPhones. We can hear the rousing choruses of “Hoorah!” echoing throughout…wherever it is that people who can spend $38,000 on an iPhone case hang out.

We also asked De Bethune about other smartphones, and the company said that the concept as seen below will be extended to other smartphones.

DBM Case from De Bethune

DBM case for iPhone from De Bethune
Price: $38,000

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Will they have a Buy-One-Get-One offer? ‘Cause I’m not at ALL up for it unless they do.


I think you need to check your exchange rate…


That’s nearly two times what my CAR cost.

Bryan Chaffin

Checking the exchange rate: 35,000 CHF = 38,017.58 USD as of this comment (it was a flat $38K when I wrote the piece).


Wonder what their iPad case will cost. LOL


The exchange rate has improved this morning to 35,000 CHF = $37,876.24.  A good time to buy!


you would think for that price they could afford to put in a thinner watch. Did you see how deep the camera hole is. And don’t they realize the iPhone has clock in it?


35,000 CHF = 38,017.58 USD as of this comment (it was a flat $38K when I wrote the piece).

Just as I’d finally reconciled myself to that full price which I thought was $35K in USD, THEN you post THIS. Blows my purchase plans again. And I’d just signed off on that second mortgage for this. %#$#^@!


And, seriously, WHY would anyone be willing to pay so much ? for something that’s obviously NOT the right color?


Who in their right flocking mind would buy this. It’s more then my MINI Cooper and I have every available option you could get in it. I have not seen any of the bogee mf’s in my country club with that thing probably because it is a POS. If I ever met someone with that I would ask for their autograph because they must be crazy famous and rich.. Keyword, “crazy!” My poor arse don’t even recognize the name of the watch maker… D’what… I could understand if the watch was made by Bertling or Cartier or maybe Tag but wtf is DBM? Never hear of them and frankly I dont care to know them. That is just plan ol stupid for someone to buy this thing. I couldn’t see P Diddy rocking that and he’s got MONEY!!! If I was seriously considering make this purchase I would check myself into an insane asylum first to make sure my mind isn’t playing tricks on me. I wonder what the maker thinks of this thing. It’s not like it redefines a category like the original iPad, it’s just plan stupid. That thing is truly fugly and not to mention the current state of our economy…someone would create this to sell while hundred of thousand maybe millions are jobless? That’s just great, must be some moron in Europe who created this thing. I am truly shocked, maybe it’s a James Bond gadget, maybe it doubles as the car with the Trident emblem (crap, my neighbor has on but I can’t remember it because I’m losing my mind while writing this…) that thing is truly UGLY. if you gave that to me for free I still wouldn’t use it. This would be something I throw in my shoebox and forget about. What has the world come to? What would happen if you get the iPhone 5,6,7,8,9,X, would it still fit or would you have to throw it away? That makes me sick. I could understand if this was a TITANIUM, PLATINUM, WHITE GOLD, DIAMOND INCRUSTED custom made iPad 2 but it’s NOT. Let me repeat…NOT! I need to go dumb down a bit…

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