iPhoto: Prevent the Program from Automatically Opening

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When you use iCloud’s Photo Stream feature, you shouldn’t have to plug your iPhone or iPad into your Mac to sync images very often. If you’re like me, though, you connect your device to your computer occasionally to charge or what have you, and you get frustrated at iPhoto insisting that it needs to launch when you do so. Yes, iPhoto. I understand that you want to import images for me, but iCloud’s already done that. Thanks anyway.

There is a way keep the program from opening when you plug in a device, however. To do that, launch iPhoto, then choose iPhoto> Preferences. Click on the “General” tab, and toggle “Connecting camera opens” to “No application.”

After that, iPhoto won’t open by itself when you plug in an iOS device (or a camera!), so if you’ve got images you actually do need to import, you’ll have to open the program manually.

Keep in mind that it’s a good idea to sync to iPhoto occasionally (even if you’ve got Photo Stream turned on) just to make sure that no images have been missed. Also, since Photo Stream doesn’t work with video, be sure to plug in every once in a while to import those into iPhoto for safekeeping. You wouldn’t want to lose those thirty seconds of slo-mo video you took of your spouse singing, would you? I know I wouldn’t.

Sorry, honey.

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I just wish I could get iPhoto *to* open.
All I ever get is the stinkin’ crash report.

Melissa Holt

Hey iJack,

Have you tried rebuilding your iPhoto library? I’ll bet that’ll help. Here are Apple’s instructions: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht2638

Hope that helps!


Yes, I have tried that. It also crashes on booting up.
Tried reinstalling Mountain Lion. No help.
Trashed iPhoto, then tried a re-install for the App Store.
App Store says, ‘this version won’t work on your OS, would you like to download the latest version that will work? I click “Yes,” but App Store installs the same version (9.4.3) that didn’t work in the first place. It also crashes.
Apple Support won’t help without payment, because my iMac is out of warranty, and what the hell does that have to do with their software crashing?
Color me pissed off.

Melissa Holt

Oh, iJack, that stinks! I’m sorry!

I don’t know how much else you’ve tried, but I’m curious—will the application work with a new library, or does it still crash? You can test that by holding down Option when you launch iPhoto and then choosing “Create New” (assuming it’ll let you get that far).

Also, have you seen this thread? https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4765667



Melissa ~ It never opens. Ever. It crashes on booting. Holding down any keys makes no difference.
Per the Apple forums discussion, I deleted the ‘container’ file, but still no luck. I am now downloading iPhoto 9.3 hoping that it is a Mountain Lion version I can use.

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