iPhoto 09: Adding Photo Locations

Apple's iPhoto 09 is great for managing your digital photos, and it can even keep track of where you happened to be when you snapped your images. That location data, or geotag, gets added automatically by some cameras and camera cards, and you can add it yourself if geotag information isn't included.

Here's how to add geotag information to your photos if your camera doesn't handle that for you:

  • Import your images into iPhoto just like you normally would.
  • Click to select the photo you want to geotag.
  • Click the info button in the lower right corner of the image.

iPhoto's info option shows extra image information.

  • Select the photo place field and start typing the name of the location where you took the photo. If you are online, iPhoto will tap into Google Maps to pinpoint the location. If no Internet connection is available, iPhoto will display a list of cities to choose from.
  • Click Done after you select a location.

iPhoto includes a list of locations you can add to your images.

Adding location information to your photos is a great way to help keep track of the places you've visited. If you have an active Internet connection, selecting Places in iPhoto's Library column will display a map with pins for each photo location, too.