iPod touch Takes 2 Spots in Amazon Top Electronic Sales

If Amazon sales rankings are any indication, Apple's 32GB and 8GB iPod touch models are selling well. The 32GB model is currently the Web retailer's second best selling electronic product, and the 8GB model is sitting at number six on the list, too.

Apple introduced the 32GB iPod touch along with a 64GB model less than ten days ago at a special music related media event on September 9. The company touted its touch interface media player as a pocket-sized computer that's also a great portable gaming platform.

The iPod touch can also take advantage of the thousands of applications available at Apple's iTunes-based App Store -- a feature Phil Schiller, Senior Vice President Worldwide Product Marketing, made a point to highlight during the media event.

Amazon's current top seller in the electronics category is the Kindle 2, and the number three slot is filled with the Kindle DX. Microsoft's Zune HD is the seventh best selling product in the electronics category, sitting behind both iPod touch models, even though it has been available for pre-order for several weeks.

Apple's 8GB iPod touch is priced at US$199, and the 32GB model costs $299.