IQLeague: Mac Safari Users Smartest on the Web

Who are the smartest surfers on the Web? Safari users on the Mac, according to IQLeague. The group is conducting an online intelligence test of sorts, and so far the results show that Intel-based Mac users with Safari are outperforming everyone else with a score of 103.36.

The rankings can change as more people take the online test, and as of early Monday afternoon, Firefox users on Windows 95 were showing a score of 103.13. Earlier in the day, Windows 95 users werenit appearing in any of the top 20 slots.

Previously, Firefox users on PowerPC-based Macs were holding the top slot with a ranking of 104.35, followed by Mozilla on Unix at 103.95. The numbers are volatile considering that more people are trying out the test all the time, and based on the current figures it looks like the Windows 95 users finally woke up from their nap.

Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows NT and Windows XP Firefox users came in at 14th place and worked down from there to 19th place.

While the numbers are changing as more people take the test, one trend seems to be holding true for now: Mac users on the Web are smarter than their Windows counterparts.

The IQLeague intelligence test is available at the IQLeague Web site.