irEdit Update Released From ideaResources

ideaResources has released an update for irEdit, bringing it to version 1.1. irEdit is a source code syntax tagger designed for multiple language identification. The update features improved functions including regular expression support and editor window enhancements. According to ideaResources:

ideaResources releases version 1.1 of their popular text editing software for Mac OS X, irEdit.

irEdit v1.1 adds many new features making it a powerful yet simple text editor. New features include:

  • Regular expression support has now been added. You may now find & replace using regular expressions
  • The ability to save search expressions has also been added
  • irEditis replace feature now allows you to also include the result of your regular expression search in your replacement text!
  • The editor window has two new buttons, "toggle text wrap" & "toggle line numbers", giving you control of wrapping and line numbers for each window
  • Additional language support. C, C++, and Ruby have been added to the standard language list
  • In addition, tabbing issues have been fixed

You can find more information about irEdit update at the ideaResources Web site. irEdit 1.1 is available starting at US$20.00.