Is It Apple’s New Mac Pro or a Japanese Trash Can?

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This is too fun: Amazon Japan sells a trash can (Google translation) that looks a lot like Apple's brand spankin' new Mac Pro. Some may find that fitting since there was a barrage of "it looks like a trash can" comments when Apple announced the device on Monday.

As the story goes, this trash can, shown below, is a popular one on Amazon Japan. It sells for ¥3,465 (US$36.47), and according to The L.A. Times, the Amazon Japan PR team was quick to tweet (in Japanese that we've roughly translated) as a joke advising people that the trash can shouldn't be mistaken for the Mac Pro.

That tweet was then retweeted more than 13,500 times and it was favorited 3,026 times. Apparently that joke kills in Japan.

A Trash Can and Apple's Mac Pro

Which is Which? (hint - Apple's Mac Pro is on the right)

OK, it's a pretty surface comparison, but it's still kind of fun. Apple's Mac Pro is smaller (9.9 inches tall and 6.6-inches across) than the trash can (11.8-inches tall by 7.9-inches across), and the lip is much different, but at the same time they do look alike.

And who knows? Perhaps this trash an was an inspiration. It's reportedly quite popular in Japan, and it's possible that someone on Apple's design team though it was a very elegant looking shape. You know why? Because it is. (John Martellaro recently explored some other things the Mac Pro looks like.)

In any event, we need to get going so we can order one of these things. It's pretty cool.

Oh, and one more thing—unlike Apple's Mac Pro, the trash can is available in green, too.

It Comes in Green

It Comes in Colors Everywhere

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Lee Dronick

A pretty good design for a small trashcan. Note how the outer liner helps keep the plastic bag secured. A good design for large trash cans for that matter, many of them in our city parks have a top like that. It helps fumnel trash in and it helps keep the crows and gulls out.


Nah, it looks like a ferrite core or a Pod Racer engine!


Gives a whole new meaning to putting something in the Trash…


furbies - Actually, it’s the old-old meaning. Perhaps the Mac Pro designers liked to get trashed? wink


Know what? In the summer of 1970 Miles Davis Electric Band went on stage at Isle of Wight rock festival. The day was young and some people hadn’t found their sleeping places and some were sleeping in their tents.
But everybody had to wake up and listen to a sound they had never heard the like before.
Some called it noise, some called it terror, some called it a trash can.
But Miles, You know what he said?
He said:  “You can call it anything!”


Could it be that the success of a product is proportional to the number of juvenile or infantile “jokes” that people think they have to make about it? Happened to the iPad. The Mac Pro will never sell that amount of machines, but it will be a huge success. For those professionals who need the power.


I’m going to paint my Mac Pro’s external case.  Customizing it will be all the rage.


Mr Gnasher729

I think that you’ll find some current Mac Pro owners making jokes…

Andrew Ans

i guess the can can be used as a mac pro case :p

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