Israel Blocks iPad Imports

Apple’s iPad is proving to be popular everywhere — except Israel. The country’s Communication Ministry is refusing to let people bring the multimedia tablet into the country because it hasn’t tested and approved the Wi-Fi technology used in the device, according to Haaretz.

Ministry officials commented, “The iPad device sold exclusively today in the United States operates at broadcast power levels [over its WiFi modem] compatible with American standards. As the Israeli regulations in the area of WiFi are similar to European standards, which are different from American standards, which permit broadcasting at lower power, therefore the broadcast levels of the device prevent approving its use in Israel.”

The government seems serious about its iPad import ban. Customs officials have already confiscated ten iPads and told their owners to ship them overseas. 

The Communications Ministry has asked iDigital, Apple’s distributor in the country, for technical information on the iPad so that it can work on the approval process.

There’s no word on when to expect an official OK from the Communication Ministry, so for now it looks like all iPads stop at Israel’s border.