Italy Fines Apple $1.2M for Misleading Warranties

Italy’s antitrust authority, Autoritá Garante della Concerrenza e del Mercato, has hit Apple with a €900,000 fine, or about US$1.2 million, for giving customers misleading warranty information. According to the agency, Apple “was found responsible for bad commercial practices that harmed customers.”

The AGCM said (in Italian) that Apple pressured customers into buying AppleCare for their devices even though the EU requires companies to offer two-year warranties on electronic devices. Apple’s standard warranty, at least outside the EU, is one year.

Italy to Apple: Honor EU warranty lawsItaly to Apple: Honor EU warranty laws

Depending on the device, AppleCare extends Apple’s warranty an extra year or two, which means it overlaps with the required EU coverage window.

Along with pushing extended AppleCare warranties, the agency claimed Apple failed to tell consumers their purchases included two years of coverage under EU law.

Apple is also required to post part of the ruling on its website and add clarification to AppleCare that makes it clear electronic devices include two year warranties. The changes must be made within 90 days.

Apple has not commented on the ruling.

[Thanks to the BBC for the heads up.]