It’s About Time Launches mini apps for iPad

It’s About Time Products announced mini apps on Wednesday — an iPad application that allows the user to quickly access and utilize multiple “mini apps” with different, customizable types of information. Included are a Web browser, weather, mini calculator, stickies and more.

miniapps vert

The app was developed by the same company that developed “Parallels Desktop Switch to Mac“ and “Learn the iPhone 3G.”

“We all want to have multiple apps open at once on the iPad. Now you can with our widget-like apps,” said Saied Ghaffari, CEO of It’s About Time Products. Mini apps 1.0 ships with a 1984-style mini Calculator, Browser, Sticky, Weather, and NASA® image of the day, all of which run at the same time.”

The Dashboard-like engine also gives users the ability to have multiple copies of one mini app on screen. “I plan on having multiple mini Browsers open so I can go to all my favorite sites whenever I want,” added Mr. Ghaffari.

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Horizontal Mode

Mr. Ghaffari gave TMO a sneak preview of the app in the development simulator, and it was amazing to see. The 1984 style calculator from the original Macintosh is a nice touch. The weather app was designed by a professional artist and looks great. Because Mobile Safari doesn’t have tabs, one can launch multiple instances of Mobile Safari and keep them all open. One can add and subtract a selected mini app by simply pressing a “+” or “-” button on screen. All data is kept in an app specific directory, so if the app is deleted, all of its data is deleted.

Mini apps uses the same engine and is compatible with the majority of available Dashboard widgets on the Mac, so It’s About Time hopes to work with other developers to bring more mini apps to the iPad.

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There is a mini apps demonstration video at vimeo for those who want to learn more. Mini apps will be available soon in the Apple app store and will launch at an introductory only price of US$0.99.