iTunes 12: Changing Media Shortcuts on the Mac

Though some of us (ahem) have been critical of the new iTunes design, we’re all getting used to the new navigation icons that appear in the upper-left corner of iTunes 12’s window, right?

These little symbols indicate which section of your iTunes Library you can access by clicking on them—selecting the music notes will take you to, well, your music, the movie reel goes to your movies, and so on. What’s not so apparent is that you can edit those icons to be whatever you’d like, so if you don’t own movies but you listen to audiobooks all of the time, you can add that icon to the row instead. Let’s go through it, shall we?

So first, click on the ellipsis icon. All of the categories that aren’t listed already in the upper-left corner will appear under that.

Click on “Edit” at the bottom and select or deselect as you please. I’m going to turn off everything except Music and Internet Radio, since those are the only two categories I use much.

When you’re finished, click “Done.” Success! 

Now the selected shortcuts are the only ones that appear, and if you need to access anything else, it’ll still be available under the ellipsis symbol.

And since I promised myself that I wouldn’t spend any part of this tip complaining about iTunes 12, I think I’d better stop typing now before I break that promise. So…difficult…must…grumble…about iTunes…

…This is taking more willpower than you guys probably realize.