iTunes: Deleting Songs (Completely) from a Playlist on Your Mac

If you play a lot of songs in iTunes through playlists, you may sometimes come across one that you’d like to delete. As in delete delete. I don’t mean removing it from the playlist, I mean nuking it from your library so that you never have to hear it again. Unfortunately, though, if you select a song within a playlist and tap Delete, iTunes’ll only want to remove it from that list.

You can bypass that warning by pressing Command-Delete on a song instead, but still, that only removes it from the playlist, not from your library. Now of course, you could go out into your full library view and delete the item from there, but it’s handy to know that there’s a shortcut that’ll let you get rid of a song from within a playlist—Command-Option-Delete. Select a song and press that shortcut, and you’ll be able to move it right to the Trash:

And if you’re using iTunes Match, that shortcut will delete the song from your other devices, too, so it’ll be really, truly gone.

In my case, I had a playlist full of crap…I mean, music that I’d gotten from my old audio CDs approximately 27 million years ago. Because of that handy-dandy shortcut, I was able to clear all of them out in a second or two, without having to search for each individual song within my library. Bye bye, Pet Shop Boys.

I’m just kidding. Of COURSE I kept all of their stuff. PSB 4-eva.