iTunes: How to tell if Your Songs are Matched or Apple Music Downloads

If you've finally sorted out what happens to your music when you cancel your iTunes Match or Apple Music subscription—like maybe from TMO's infographic explaining it all—but have no idea which songs in your iTunes library are yours and which come from Apple Music, we've got you covered. Read on to learn how to see which songs in your iTunes library are streaming, stored locally, or downloaded from Apple Music.

  • Launch iTunes.
  • Select the My Music tab or Playlists tab. Either will work.
  • Click the View drop down menu. It's on the right side of the iTunes window just below the search field. It shows your current view type; in my case, that's Songs, but it can also show Albums, Artists, Composers, or Genres.
  • Click the Show Columns pop-up menu.
  • Select iCloud Download.
  • Select iCloud Status.

You can add status columns to show details about your iCloud musicYou can add status columns to show details about your iCloud music

You should now have two new columns in your personal library music views showing whether or not a track is available for download, and if the song has been uploaded to your iCloud Music Library is matched via iTunes Match, if it's purchased, or if it's from Apple Music.

Now it's easy to see if songs are purchased, Apple Music, streaming, or on your local driveNow it's easy to see if songs are purchased...

The iCloud Download column uses icons to show a song's status. A cloud with an arrow pointing down means you can download the song, a cloud with a slash through it means the item isn't eligible for upload via iTunes Match, and no icon means it's in your local iTunes library. If you want to download a song to your iTunes library, just click the Available for Download icon to suck it through the Internet and onto your hard drive.

Music can be iTunes Matched, Apple Music, streaming, or on your local drive...Apple Music, streaming, or on your local drive

Apple has a few more iCloud status icons, too. A cloud with an exclamation point means the song upload failed or the file is corrupt. An x means the song file has been removed, a dotted outline cloud means the song is waiting to be processed by iTunes Match, and double clouds with a slash through them means the song is a duplicate.

  • iCloud song status availableAvailable
  • iCloud song status DuplicateDuplicate
  • iCloud song status ErrorError
  • iCloud song status IneligibleIneligible
  • iCloud song status RemovedRemoved
  • iCloud song status WaitingWaiting

The iCloud Status column is pretty straight forward since it shows actual words instead of icons.

Adding a couple columns to your iTunes music display may not be as cool pop-up bubbles or Siri announcing song statuses for you, but it's still pretty cool because now you can see at a glance where songs are and whether or not they're from Apple Music.